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I am not a big domes-day girl and for the most part, I’m pretty optimistic, but the crops are not looking good for farmers in our area at all.  Last week we had temps of near 100 all week and no rain.  No rain for a long, long time.  Longer than the corn and beans can handle it.  Slowly the crops are deteriorating.  It’s real sad to watch….and it’s even kind of scary.  Hubby and I don’t farm on our own.  He works for a farmer but is real dedicated to it and treats everything as if it were his own so it’s hard for him to see.

A gal that lives just a few miles from here blogged about the lack of rain just a few days ago.  You can read and see her photos here.  Some of the corn is just drying up.  No rain is in the forecast for next week.  Luckily the temps are supposed to be in the mid 80’s but with no rain…that is still not good.

Even though I have watered, my garden isn’t doing the best either.  The farm here has a well that supports the house and the cattle.  When it is so hot, we have low water pressure here in the house as the cattle are all drinking….with the temps in the upper 90’s last week and indices over 100, I only dared to selectively water the garden making sure the cattle had the priority on the water.

My pumpkins are suffering badly.

My onions have pretty much decided to end their growing season.

The flowers in my flower garden…not so good.  I have prioritized to water what hadn’t bloomed yet or what were new plants.  My old hardy perennials that had already bloomed didn’t get water.  Now that the heat has lessened and the cattle aren’t constantly at the drinking fountain, I’ve given them a good drink but it’s too late for them to green up again for this year.  They are good and hardy and will give next year another try.

We continue to try to be optimistic. We are very thankful that we didn’t loose any cattle to the heat wave like we did last year.  It’s still hard to watch…and it’s hard to speculate on what can or will happen.  If things continue as they are, it will eventually take a tole on all of us at the grocery store.   For now, I am watering the garden what I can, when I can, and praying that rain might come in time to give us some type of field crops.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I’ve been wondering about the crops. We’ve had a lousy, wet summer and I sure wish we could send some rain your way. I’m so ready for a “normal” weather summer. I’m heading south next week in order to get some sun this year!

  2. I am so sorry that you and your animals and crops are suffering.

    I really wish Icould send you some of the rain from here in the UK where we had the dryest winter and now the wettest summers since records began.

    Climate change is real.

  3. We are finaly getting rain in Alabama, we had nearly a month of over 100 degrees. The corn here is pretty much a total loss. We watered our tomatoes to keep them going and they are producing great. Today is just a slow steady rain, just what we need. Hope you get rain soon.

  4. Do you capture the condensation off your air conditioner? We get about two 5 gallon buckets a day which DH uses to water his tomatoes.

  5. We live on a Farm in Quebec Canada and we are also suffering. We have not had rain for weeks.We are letting our cattle into the bush to eat grass so that we don’t have to start feeding our hay early.We don’t farm as big as we use to we are only keeping about 16 head of cattle.The young man that bought a farm from us is a cash cropper and his crop is probably going to be a disaster.I catch the water from the dehumidifyer to water flowers.We have a drilled well and are not sure how low it is.

  6. we just got our first rain in over 4 weeks and it did a world of good for our garden. we have a well that we don’t use except for that and it run dry several years ago. but watering from isn’t as good as rain. praying for you some rain

  7. The crops here in Missouri are suffering some too. We were told at a meeting last night that a lot of the farmers are cutting down and baling their corn now. Of course, with me being new to the rural life, I have no idea what that meant.

  8. Things here in central NY state are pretty dry, too. We live on a dairy farm and the corn is starting to turn grey. The grass is turning brown and no rain in sight for the next week of the forecast. Our garden is OK for now, but that’s because we keep it watered. The weeds, however, are thriving, wouldn’t you know.

  9. It’s tough all over. We grow about 800 acres of crops and they aren’t looking good at all. I have a feeling our crop insurance will come in handy this year. We’re in north central Indiana.

  10. Last year we had 2″ of rain all year and10″ of snow at Christmas. Thus far, it’s been another dry year. Giving thanks that the heat is not as extreme as last year – 100 is hot enough. So many farmers and ranchers are struggling. Praying for rain…we do that a lot. Hope y’all get enough too. I picked my first zucchini today. It may be the only one I get this year.

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