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I’ve told you before about the junk sale I go to whenever it’s open. Typically they host a big clean-out garage sale in February, a sale in the spring, one in October, and a more Christmasy one in November. I go every time if I possibly can. The gals host my favorite kind of sales…decent prices and things that aren’t in mint condition. I like my antiques with some love spots (dings or dents) in them. I like them to look like some previously loved them…

This was the sale that was more Christmasy. I went on Sunday. Many people rush to go on Saturday when they open but I’ve told you…I hate crowds. I like it when there is room to see the items…and mostly, I don’t NEED anything. It’s all just wants and going the day after the big rush reminds me of that.

The last time I told you about the sale, I showed you pictures and then had you guess what I bought. Let’s do that again. I really splurged this time. I bought five things. Four are shown in the pictures. The fifth thing was a last-minute grab.

When I got there they were really busy loading out furniture. Someone bought a dresser and buffet they were loading out and someone else had two pieces of furniture too. That left things a little haphazard. To move the dresser they had put all of these goodies on this bench. It made it a bit challenging to see everything but I wasn’t interested in the couch so it was all good.

I love the spice cabinets. I wanted one for years. Then my blog reader and friend Ila gave me one she had. I treasure it and don’t look for spice cabinets anymore.

This big beauty was still there from the last sale. Oh, I love this and thought again about buying it. The cabinet is really what I’m looking for but the varnish on it isn’t the best. I debated about if I wanted to buy it anyway. If my husband were still alive I would buy it in a heartbeat and we’d fix it up together. I’m not so confident about my fixing-up skills now that I’m on my own. Oh, I love it!!

There were cabinets galore. I really don’t think I want a painted one though.

Even though there were quite a few Christmas things, the pictures I took really didn’t have many things…maybe because I was looking at all of the non-Christmas stuff. HA!

I had hoped to look for suitcases. I want a stack of them in my living room but my friend Gloria was there before me so the good ones were all picked over.

I love furniture so the majority of my pictures show off furniture pieces.

As I said…you never quite know what will be here. Musical instruments anyone?

This marble-topped dresser is a beauty. If I was looking for that big of a dresser I’d snatch it up in a heartbeat.

Here is a hand-stitched piece…and eye spy a red chair!! I have a thing for red chairs. But, do I need another, likely not.

More wonderful cabinets…more wonderful dressers.

Oh my….so many good things. It’s hard to pick and choose.

As for what I bought… One thing isn’t shown in any pictures so you only have to guess four things. I’ll give you three clues.
Two things I bought immediately and took them home with me.
Two things I took measurements of and came back and picked up.
I had to call and ask a family member for help.

So friends…what did I buy?

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  1. You bought the cabinet that was in rough shape because you love it so! Also the red chair, the black framed teddy bear and the brown and tan suitcase. Now to see if I got any right!

    1. The big beauty, the red window frame, the stitched bear, and a picture frame. I loved the big wooden bowl. Can’t wait to hear what you got!

    2. The lovely marble top oak dry sink…maybe? The large round wooden bowl, the pink-brown patterned fabric, the eggplant hooked rug? Oops, that’s 3 you can carry. The red chair…doesn’t need measurements, buy you loved it.

    1. It’s only an occasional pop up shop in the country between Sumner and Fredericksburg Iowa. You can follow them on FB at The Twisted Sisters. They do have pop up shops other places too. Follow them to find out where they are.

  2. I’m going to guess you caved and bought the “big beauty” in the third picture that you love so much. I just know you bought more pictures frames and probably the cute bear stitchery.

    1. I believe you bought the framed bear, the red window frame and the tan suitcase. You returned for the large hutch (unpainted), it’s gorgeous! The big wooden bowl as well. So much fun!!!

  3. Hmmm I am not good at guessing, so I’m not going to. I know what I liked even though it was painted – the blue cupboard. What fun place to shop!

  4. My guess (here it goes) is the red window or the tray with the glass on top, the table with the white Christmas ceramic tree on it, maybe some cloth or perhaps that lg rug with blue boarder and the cabinet that needed some work. All to make a perfect day of shopping.
    Well…..this was fun spending your monies.

  5. Picture frames, big wood cabinet with questionable finish, the dresser under the huge US flag, and the little cabinet with with the white knobs next to the giant bowl of blocks. There are all kinds of things I would love to have!

  6. Did you buy the “Big Beauty” cabinet (I hope so!), the slanted glass cookie/candy jar, the bear stitchery, and the little wash stand on top of the side table?
    Ooh, it’s so fun to go thrifting with you! I would have rescued the bottle brush trees, the red chair, and the big wooden bowl. Looking forward to seeing your treasures

  7. I think you bought the little red stool on top of the green “dresser” and the wooden bowl on top of the big dresser you mentioned was too large for you. Those two things you took home with you. I’ll re-examine the photos for the large items. I have had fun searching the photos…I spy.

    1. Now to the big items. I think you bought the tall glass doored cabinet that you looked at during the last sale. Plus you brought home the dresser that had the musical instruments in the drawer.

  8. So many goodies. I love some of the cabinets, the wire spiral for Christmas cards, the stoneware crocks, the embroidery bear, some of the dishes, the wooden bowl, some of the crochet pieces, the rug in the first picture, the two little tables stacked on each other, and the little blue chair. I would have to go sit in the car and have a long talk with myself.

  9. Now to the big items. I think you bought the tall glass doored cabinet that you looked at during the last sale. Plus you brought home the dresser that had the musical instruments in the drawer.

  10. Hmm….. I’m guessing at the arched cabinet next to the suitcases, fabric from the first photo, the picture frame on the floor in front of the dresser next to the “tracks” sign, and the red chair!

  11. I think you bought the big cabinet you have been loving, the large wooden bowl, fabric that’s in the first photo, and the small table that is stacked on top of another table (it has a white Christmas tree on top of it).

  12. What I think you took home is the wood and glass cabinet you love, the red chair, the red window frame and the marble topped dresser.

  13. Oh Jo, such wonderful pictures. I love the cabinet that the blocks are on, 1st pict. Thanks for letting us see all the goodies with you. I would have bought three items – cabinets.

  14. I think you went back for the big beauty and either one of those wooden cabinets you didn’t think you wanted OR the marble-top dresser because it’s gorgeous! You took the hand-stitched teddy bear and either the red chair OR the red window frame with you because you can’t resist red! (I’m leaning toward the window frame because you don’t have one of those yet.)

  15. Hi Jo, I love your blog! I have been trying to find info on a quilt you made. It was scrappy civil war print bow ties with alternating red squares. Could you possibly tell me what size the blocks are. I can’t get it out of my head and would like to make one like it! Thank you!

  16. I’m guessing you bought the red oval dish and/or the wooden bowl. I also wonder if you got a red lantern. And I’m thinking you got the big hutch you like.

  17. I already know what you bought but I had to laugh at your comment that I had gotten the “good” suitcases. Actually I got two great suitcases – a large Maxmillion suitcase with a tweed fabric covering and a small brown suitcase which was probably a make-up case. The Maxmillion was made in New York in the 1940’s and had recently sold on EBay for $279 dollars. What a find!

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