The Unexpected

A week or so ago I got an email message from someone whose name sounded familiar.  I thought and thought but nothing clicked.  Then I opened the email and it said, -Do you remember me?  I worked with your daughter Kayla at Pine Needles in Cresco.  I am helping my mom clean out fabric.  We have a couple boxes, are you interested?  If not we’re taking it to the thrift store.”

Oh be still my heart.  YES!  I’d love it.  So we make arrangements to meet in Decorah in the grocery store parking lot….here’s the two boxes she brought.  They were JAMMED with goodies.

I started sorting….There were lots of fabrics.

Homespuns…oh lots of a little of everything.

There was a pile of Christmas fabric.  This is moving on to my friend Lana who makes Christmas throws for Veterans.  It will be perfect.

Brights were included…and look at the crazy lobster fabric…see?

There were scraps too.

Also in there were a few started tops.  This one could be used as is.  It’s baby sized.  Technically to be symetrical it needs a bottom sashing row.  There’s not more fabric though.  There would be other options to “fix” it, like take off the outer borders and add new matching borders…

There was also this…no more fabric though.  The top and bottom border could be taken off and new borders added.

There are two big bat blocks.  These are close to 20″ x 20″ or so.  I didn’t measure them.  They could be the center block of a fun boy quilts.

I have the fabric all sent out and distributed….and the tops too.  It was a really quick turn around, in and out in no time flat.

I did end up keeping the scraps in the bottom of the box.  Megan assured me it was fine to keep whatever I wanted but I want someone else to enjoy the fun of digging through goodies…besides, there are charities out there that need fabric, quilters that are willing to work and people waiting to be warmed.

A HUGE shout out to Megan and her mom.  These goodies are so appreciated.  They will warm many!!

6 thoughts on “The Unexpected”

  1. What a wonderful box of goodies, so nice that hey reached out to you. I thought those bat squares were adorable. Glad you could send it onto new places where it can be used.

  2. I’ve always said female makers should rule the world because we know how to share and get things taken care of! Great job ladies!

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