The Tub that Almost Wasn’t

Regular blog readers know that I am always scrolling through the Facebook for sale adds looking for things for the house.  Sunday was no different.  I was shocked when I saw that there was a claw foot tub listed.  I started inquiring about it and we ended up buying it.


We paid $300 but got all the fixtures including the shower bar and faucets which are brand new.  It cost a little more than I hoped but it was near by and that was a big plus.  It needs a little cleaning but all in all I’m happy with it.

I look at the purchase a bit like this…no where else could we get showering facilities for much of a cheaper price.  So in the end it was a pretty good deal.

The next problem where to store it.  As I said before our garage is filling up and we don’t want to take it to town as there isn’t a completed room in the house at this point so no matter where we put it, the tub will be in the way.  We ended up parking the pickup outside and put the tub in the pick up stall of the garage.

Fast forward to Monday.  I had a list of errands I had to run in Decorah.  It was a bright beautifully warm day.  I didn’t even wear a coat.  I was dreaming of spring and fighting the errand list all at once.  I was trying to organize my week in my head.  Which day was which thing going on??  I got the errands done and was on the way home.  Again I was back to organizing the week, berating myself for forgetting the beans and a headband wondering when I was going to get back to town.

I pulled into the driveway and stopped to get the mail.  There was the UPS truck by the house picking up a return package.  He had parked in a way that I wasn’t sure if I could get into the garage with the truck but after looking I could get around the UPS truck.  I opened the garage door basking in the beautiful day regretting that I was going to be back inside…with my sunglasses on I slowly drove into the garage.  CRUNCH!!!!!!!!

*(*$&#^@*@!!!  THE CLAW FOOT TUB!!!!!!  and the UPS man saw and heard it!!!!!  I jumped out-ran around to the tub..and it was all okay.  The truck was fine-the tub was fine…my heart-not so good.

I am just thankful that it all turned out okay….

6 thoughts on “The Tub that Almost Wasn’t”

  1. Oh my! I think I would have just sat in the truck crying. I’m so glad to hear that nothing was damaged. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m so glad everything is OK! I grew up in an old farmhouse in central Illinois. We had a claw foot tub that was so much fun, as a kid I’d sit on the back edge and slide down into the tub. Hey, not many people can tell about the accident they had between their car and a bath tub!

  3. A tub like that is a wonderful cooler for drinks at celebrations. I used one for my sons graduation reception and it worked great. People thought it was such a neat idea. I put ice in and I had frozen some trash bags with ice which I layed on the bottom and then filled the rest with bags of ice and then stuck the drinks in so everyone could see them without trying to dig in there and find what you want. Make sure you have a dishtowel tied on it so people can dry their cans and hands off. Really was neat.

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