The Truffle Man…

Over the weekend, I was happily sewing along and I broke a needle.  Feeling a bit frustrated I opened my sewing basket and there was….a truffle.


It seems the truffle man has struck.  Every once in a while my hubby hides truffles in the house for me to find.  It’s the sweetest thing….  I am guessing there are more to find.  Last time he did this there were six hidden and I hunted and hunted until I found them.  This time, I am going to just naturally find them….Hmmm….maybe not….those truffles are SO tempting.

13 thoughts on “The Truffle Man…”

  1. How sweet! My husband hides a ceramic alligator in my car/purse/ luggage when I go on quilt trips. I hide it in his truck/lunch cooler/etc. when he’s going somewhere. That alligator has logged some miles…

  2. How precious :) Makes my mouth drool for a Truffle, YUM. My husband of 30 yrs surprises me with lil love notes (those 1 1/2 inch yellow stickies) in the oddest places or if no paper available, a note can be found in dust, dirt outside, snow outside. He even wove brances of a bush in the yard to say love once. These guys, some are just die hard romantics but would never admit to it :) We are lucky….

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