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I am sure, like me, many of you have had the debate about keeping a land line phone.  When we originally had the debate at our house, our cell phones weren’t the best.  Calls were often dropped or we couldn’t get phone service in certain places on the farm. We decided we would keep our phone service as is…plus, we get internet through our phone service and that created a whole new headache.

Fast forward to two years when our phone/internet bill started to creep up towards $100 a month.  I got frustrated and called the phone company.  They said rather than loose you as a customers lets give you a better rate of $65.00 a month.  Well that sounded good so we kept the phone and internet with our phone provider.

Then came this month’s bill.  It was back to $100!!  WHAT!!  I called in to the company and waited on hold for 30 minutes (no joke…30 minutes)  The lady said sorry and she would transfer me to the right person.  In the mean time I listen to recorded messages telling me what a “valued customer” I was (I am thinking if I was so “valued” hire another person so I am not wasting my time on hold)

Finally the gal comes on and was super nice.  She explained that the program I was on was a two year program and that it was over.  I explained that I was not paying $100 for phone service…I barely use it anymore as our cell phones now get service.  Now the main thing we need is just internet.

The gal went on to explain that they have an internet only program….$39 a month.  We can still call out using the phone…it’s just 10 cents a minute now…we can still call 911.  WOW…that sounded like a great deal to me!  So yep we still have our land line if needed…we still have internet and now we have it all cheaper.

I am sharing this as I think others might be in the same situation.  Call you phone companies and ask about different packages that are available.  There might be a package that meets your needs yet is a bit cheaper.  Cheaper means more money and more money means more fabric!!

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  1. I believe the 30 min., hubby has spent over 2 hours on phone with our ex-service provider. It is a service that you really need to keep on top off and negotiate firmly.

  2. No land line here because the house phone was a radio phone and when everything went digital, it no longer worked. They finally put a tower up on the ranch so we now have cell service. In Texas, we had a party line and the fires took it out and there is no way they will replace it. Isn’t it frustrating to deal with things like that? I’m glad you were able to get them to straighten things out. Never hurts to ask. Amazing how cooperative they can be when you tell them you want to cancel. :)

  3. Yep, I had the same problem with Q—-. I would call, they would change it, then the next bill back up to where it was before and probably higher. I switched to a cable company, and just got the very most basic substandard cable there was – because we can get all of the high def stations without cable, and use cable for the internet only. I think I will check with them for internet only. We added an Ooma device and can make calls like normal. I wish someone would just have an internet service you did not have to bundle or commit to a long term contract all for a fair price. But, even with the poor quality cable, (we had no cable before) and the internet and the phone via ooma, we are paying less than half what we paid for the phone and internet. $42.00 per month for the first year, then it will go to 69.00 the second year, maybe by then we will be able to buy internet only.

  4. We dropped the land line phone when we realized that the only one who used it was the doctors office to remind us of an appt. The bundling we have right now is the cable tv and internet from Time Warner Cable. We rarely watch tv because there is nothing on that we want to watch and that is the next thing to go. Of course, to get the internet service alone will probably cost more than getting it with the tv service. The whole thing is a racket.

  5. Hi Jo, my brother in law had this same exact problem two weeks ago! He informed me the other day that the lady at a t & t wouldn’t adjust his bill, so after 45 years with the same landline no. he had them cut it completly off. He now uses his cell phone only. Have a good weekend.

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