“The Talk”

I went to the doctor about two weeks ago and we had “the talk”.  No…I already know about the birds and bees.  This is the talk that all us hate…the talk about weight.  UGH!!

Well I was told my blood sugar is a little high and loosing weight just might be my ticket to getting it at the right level.   She suggested I try a Adkins type of diet.  It’s been a long couple weeks for me learning to adjust. 

Eating protein and fat is a whole new world for me.  Every other time I have lost weight, I did the complete opposite..little meat and NO FAT….so like I said, it’s been an adjustment.  It’s also been a bit of an adjust to my belt notch too.  I already lost 8 pounds which I am VERY happy about.  If I can loose about 25 more that would be WONDERFUL and if I can learn to keep it off that would be the best yet….

Loosing weight has never been hard for me…it’s the keeping it off that kills me.

Don’t worry, I am not going to turn the blog into my weight loss story.  I will still post recipes for yummy calorie filled foods but I might throw a few recipes in that us Non Sugar/Non Carb eaters can love too…

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