The Tale of Two Lots….

As many of you know we bought a house.  What you don’t know is that the house is on just a single lot.  We really need a double lot if we are going to attach a garage to the house…and so begins the tale of two lots….

Our property line is actually just on the other side of the white garage….the lot with the white garage is vacant except for the garage.  We want to buy the lot.  The person who bought the lot,  just bought it for more storage.


Next to the lot with the white garage is a double lot.  The double lot has this brown “shed” on it and that’s all.


The person who owns the lot with the white garage actually lives kiddie corner through the back alley to the lot with the brown shed.  The yellow house in the back owns the white garage lot.

For the last couple weeks, our realtor has been working on trying to get us to be able to buy the lot with the white garage that is next to our house.  She has called all parties involved and it’s all going to work….a little unfairly, but it’s going to work and in this case, we’re the beggars..not the choosers.

The guy in the yellow house that owns the white garage lot bought it about 5 months ago for $5,500.  He is going to buy the DOUBLE lot with the brown shed for $9,000.  He will sell us the lot we want, the SINGLE lot with the white garage for $8,000.  That’s a $2,500 profit for him plus he gets a double lot.  It’s all a little unfair but as I said, we are the beggars.


With out it, no double car garage for us…without it, we can’t control a close neighbor from doing whatever.  So in the long run, $8,000 is cheap.  I am betting many of you are thinking $8,000 is really cheap for a lot in town.

Our current plan is to move the garage to the back corner of our lot and use it for storage…that might change if the house remodel ends up costing more than we anticipate.  We might live with the small two stall garage for a little while.  I’m not on board with that  plan but hubby is insisting on it being part of the “plan B” if need be.  It’s one of those things that we’ll know a lot more about once we get a little further in and get more estimates.

..and that is the tale of two lots.

5 thoughts on “The Tale of Two Lots….”

  1. Glad it worked out and yes $8000 is a pretty good deal for a lot! In our town lots start at about $110,000 and go up from there!

    I love the architectural drawings of the outside of your house! Love the verandas! Great sewing area too!

  2. No, that is not being unfair I think he is being a smart man, Why don’t you use the existing garage and save yourself some money?

  3. I wish I could find an investment where I could make $2,500 on a $5,000 investment in just five months. There are just some people who fall into good deals like that. Unfortunately, I tend to be a day late and a dollar short. I love the architect’s drawing of your “new” house. It’s beautiful.

  4. ok, so do you have enough room on the other side of your house for a garage so that you could flip the house/garage addition to the opposite side? Or if that’s not possible, do you have enough room on the back of your single lot for a separate garage to face the back street (alley), instead of entering from the same street that your house faces?
    if all else fails, is there enough easement on your single lot that you could erect a property line wall between you and the next lot over (where the current garage is) to gain some privacy?

  5. It’s business and he is a smart man. Supply and Demand is what is at play here. Business and even life is not fair. That’s why we have a legal system. If everything were fair, lawyers would have no jobs. Be careful not to P*** off the neighbors.

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