The Table that Wasn’t Mine…But Should Have Been…

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A few weeks ago, I went to an auction in Castalia.  When I was looking around, I found all sorts of neat things.  One of my favorite thing to do at auctions is look for ideas to decorate.  I like to do little DIY projects, but can’t really think too many things up on my own.  While I was there, I found this neat little wooden star.

Auction 5 (225x400)
It looks like they took wooden slats and arranged them to make a star and then looped Christmas lights around it.  I almost bought this one, but it ended up getting thrown in with a few other boxes and I didn’t want to pay that much just for a start that I would have to repaint, however I think that this is a Christmas decoration that I’m going to make and then climb on the roof and put on my house.

I also found this cool plant stand made out of barn boards.  I’m looking forward to planting lots of plants in it next summer.  I want to kind of make my front porch into a garden space and I think this would be perfect!

Auction 4 (400x210)

They also had a few neat furniture pieces.  I really liked this dresser, but didn’t have a place for it and since I don’t plan on moving again until I move into a nursing home, I’m working really hard on not buying things like this, but it doesn’t make it any less beautiful.

Auction 3 (225x400)And then there was this beauty.

Auction 2 (225x400)
I’ve been looking for a new kitchen table for a bit, but haven’t found anything that I LOVE.  I want one that is a rectangle and can be made larger should I host a family gathering or for when I have kids.  I want it to be real, quality wood.  I also want something unique.  This table fit every one of my qualifications.  There was a little permanent maker mark on the top, but that probably could have been taken out.  I started bidding and it went up pretty fast.  The downside was that I hadn’t discussed the fact that I wanted a new table with Jason.  I didn’t know if it was something he liked.  Also, all of the chairs were upholstered differently and would all need to be redone.  I didn’t know what that might cost, so I was a bit worried that I might spend too much on the table and then have to stretch to pay to have the chairs redone.

In the end, I didn’t end up buying the set.  I should have and completely regreted dropping out of the bidding.  I approached the lady who purchased it afterwards and offered her cash for the set as I realized my error, but she had a plan in place for the table.

Well I guess that will just keep me on the hunt and sometimes that’s okay too.

I did go home with a few goodies.  Auction days are my favorite even the times I pass up something I wanted.





3 thoughts on “The Table that Wasn’t Mine…But Should Have Been…”

  1. hi dear – hey, win some, lose some. For future reference, you can recover a chair seat yourself, just with a staple gun – easy, peasy !!!! Cost only of the fabric. Youll see another sometime !

  2. Kate was right very easy to recover a chair seat and they doen’t really take that much fabric either. So good luck next time.

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