The Superglued Cow

A post from Kelli–

When Jason and I were in Galena, I didn’t have anything specific that I was looking for.  Dad always said that you go to antique stores to see how much is reasonable to pay at auctions.  I’ve kind of adopted that saying as truth.  I always look at the big pieces, but honestly the house that we moved into is quite smaller than our previous house so we have more than enough furniture.  I mainly just look for little decorations and my favorite ones are ones that remind me of people or experiences.

While wondering through one of the stores we visited, I found this little cow.

Fixed Cow (400x273)
When I was little, mom had one that she kept on the stove.  It was intended to hold creamer I think, but ours held other little things.  All was well until I got home and was carrying everything in the house.  I put the bags on the table and one happened to fall off and I heard a crack.  Before I  even looked, I knew something had broken.

After opening up the package, I saw that the only thing broken was a back foot.  With a little bit of superglue, I had the cow fixed in no time!

Broken Cow (225x400)

Superglue to the rescue!

For a second I felt bad about it..but then I realized that the super glue is all part of this relics story.  I didn’t buy it for perfection.  I bought it to preserve a memory and now it I have a couple more to add to the first one.



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  1. Bonnie Baker Lippincott

    Love these cows. We had one growing up. My Mom bought it to put milk in for coffee. After one use my father refused to use it . . . he didn’t like the cow throwing up in his coffee!

    It, too, became a repository for small things. It no longer “threw up’ in my Dad’s coffee.

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