The Sunday Stash Report

A post from Kelli–

First off–recovery from foot surgery has been going well! I got my stitches out on Friday and it was mentioned that it was still a little swollen which may be contributed to the fact that I was supposed to take two weeks off from work and instead worked on Memorial Day.  It’s been a bit different without having to wear the boot all the time but I’m glad my wardrobe is no longer limited by my wrap on my foot!

You may remember a while ago that I was working in sewing a scrap vortex quilt. While I was home, mom gifted me this wonderful $3.00 find from the depot. Initially I just put it with my stuff to go back home with me and almost forgot about it until I was sorting and putting stuff away when I got back home.

It looks like there were some partially made blocks and then I flipped the bag over to find a little bit of Dora the Explorer!

And then I dug some more…

Aren’t those cupcakes adorable? And the turquoise one with little bugs is just so sweet!

This one as some adorable little food things and I found some baseballs too!

One of the nicest things is that many of the fabrics are already in strips which makes sewing scrap vortex a million times easier as there isn’t much more prep that needs to be done to it other than maybe a quick run under the iron!

How much was there? More than enough to make me smile!

And how much do I currently have as my running total? More than I probably should!

And how much all together? Plenty to keep a girl busy for a long, long time!!!



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  1. After reading this post and checking past posts about scrap vortex, I think that I need to start my own. Even if I don’t make a whole quilt, I need some blocks that are used in Jo’s crumb quilt. So today, I’m going to put some little scraps in a basket to put beside the machine. When I get tired or bored working on something, I can put together a couple of scrappy blocks. Thanks for sharing.

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