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My daughter Kelli and I were planning on going to the Stitchery Nook, our closest cross stitch shop, on Thursday. Well the weather wasn’t supposed to cooperate so we changed our plans and cancelled. It’s hard. Kelli lives 35 minutes east of me and the shop is another hour west of me. It’s just far enough away that when they say it’s going to snow a few inches, we should probably stay home.

The shop is really two stores wide. It is filled to the brim with a retreat center upstairs. This is just one of MANY rows of charts!!

Going there is never a quick trip for me. I ALWAYS spend at least an hour there…often times closer to two hours.

Friday and Saturday they were holding their market release days on Friday and Saturday. Kelli and I were wanting to go on Thursday as she had to work Friday and Saturday. Well Saturday rolled around and I couldn’t stand it. Everything in me was telling me to go. I knew Kelli wouldn’t be mad that I went without her. She knows I’ll always go another time, really anytime she asked!!

Here is the section of With Thy Needle and Thread. Oh, I love her stuff so much. I think I’d say she’s my favorite designer.

I had to check out the section from Scattered Seed Samplings too. She is the designer of our current stitch along Spring Messenger.

Liz and Sherri added a small section of wool. Oh my…I love wool applique. It’s a perfect addition to the store.

I really want to learn how to make drums. Sadly, they are hosting a retreat the first week in May on drum making and I can’t go!!!!!!!!!! I am on grandma duty that weekend so no retreat for me.

I put the Joyful Joyful chart on my list to possibly stitch as Christmas gets closer. I really like that made into a drum.

It had been a long time since I’ve been to the store. I was seeing things that were released last fall. I already have the book When the Leaves Fall but I hadn’t seen any samples for the book. Oh my word. I loved both of these and bought the kit to make the tiny long skinny needle roll. SO CUTE!! It’s just tiny. Liz had a kit for it and I bought the last one. She said they will be making more kits. It’s so cute!!

As I was looking around I reminded myself not to get too deep into market stuff that I forgot to look and consider some older stuff that was on my list. There is a chart that I want to stitch over one on 28 count. It makes the piece miniature. Sherri had a project she had worked on and was using this magnifier. It looked totally amazing. I almost bought one but then didn’t as it was a little heavy for a hoop. It was great for a Q-snap though. I do have a lap stand in the garage that I had said I was planning to sell but now I’m starting to think I want to keep them. This little light looked awesome. I’m definitely going to think about it.

There were three tables full of new things from Market. These are on my list to think about. I loved stitching the Red Bird Sampler and so the Cuckoo Bird Sampler caught my eye. I’ve heard a lot about Atomic Ranch linen and they had this color in 46 count. I was tempted but I didn’t get them. They are still on my list to get at some point…

I was trying to be good.

They were well stocked with linen. This is only a portion of it. There is more on the shelf that can be cut…and more on the tables with the new items. It’s an amazing amount!!

The gals always pick up a lot of extra things. I loved this little kit

I thought all the quilters would like the “Itch to Stitch” pattern. It’s also on my list that I want someday.

I bought plenty but not so much that I can’t go back again when Kelli is ready to go. I will show you what I bought on Friday when I do my cross stitch update.

Before I left I corralled Liz, on the left, and Sherri, on the right and told them I needed a picture. I know all you are probable curious who is putting your orders together. It’s these two!!

I am so glad I went. I am not a shopper at all. I go nowhere except Walmart, the grocery store, and thrift stores…and restaurants. Other than that, I avoid all shopping…not even quilt shops!! I don’t mind the limited shopping I do but beyond that, I don’t shop. When I go to Rochester to doctor appointments, I don’t stop and shop unless it’s Hobby Lobby and even then it’s to get something simple like embroidery floss.

So…I can completely and totally say, the Stitchery Nook is my absolutely favorite place to shop that isn’t a thrift store. For me…That’s the hugest compliment!! The gals are just great too. Here is a link to their shop.

15 thoughts on “The Stitchery Nook”

  1. Thank you for the tour. I only wish that I had a place to shop like this. You have more will power than I would. I wish I could see some of that beautiful linen. Ahhhhhh. Pamela A/ PA

  2. Thank you for the tour. I only wish that I had a place to shop like this. You have more will power than I would. I wish I could see some of that beautiful linen. Ahhhhhh. Pamela A/ PA

  3. I took a class from Stacy Nash several years ago where I learned how to make one of her drums. Check out the Tiny Modernist on YouTube. Her Floss Tube #4 shows how to finish a drum. I’m sure you could make one after watching it.

  4. I just received an order from them today and in includes The Cuckoo. Also ordered two patterns from Stacy Nash, Spring Chickens and Spring Basket. I really wish I could see the linens! Had help from them to compare linens before—it is a great shop!

  5. I was there on Saturday too! It’s quite the trip for me but always worth it. It is a lovely shop with very sweet helpers.

  6. Oh my what a lovely shop! I don’t think I have ever been in such a great stitching shop. Usually what I see is mixed in with other shopping. So glad you could go and have some fun! I’m looking forward to Friday when you show what you bought.

    1. Cynthia Russell

      I already have enough projects for 4 life times, but if I was able to go to this shop, I’d never leave. I’d just pick an aisle and move in. I’ve never been to such an incredible shop, and hope they continue to stay in business for a very long time.

  7. What a beautiful shop! My closest LNS is about an hour and 40 minutes from me, The World In Stitches. ABC Stitch Therapy used to be only 40 minutes from me, but they moved to Texas!! It was a wonderful store, and I felt lucky to have it so close. It’s sad to see so many stores closing or leaving.

  8. Thank you for the lovely tour of The Stitchery Nook. I would love to spend the afternoon there. Congratulations on finishing The Spring Messager. I ordered the kit for Home Sweet Home.
    I think I agree with you that With Thy Needle And Thread is my favorite designer. I love her sampler Rejoice Evermore.

  9. I was at the Stitchery Nook yesterday with a friend from the Twin Cities. We LOVE this shop. Sherry and Liz are the nicest, most helpful gals you could ever meet. They make me feel welcome. It is THE place to buy fabrics!!! I kid you not, so many beautiful choices. The threads and charts are out of this world.
    I got the chart for the chickens, even though I have never liked chickens on anything! And a couple other charts. A lot of fun market things for finishing. And of course some gorgeous fabrics.
    I live less than an hour from this shop and I consider that to be a huge blessing.

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