The Stitchery Nook: A Cross Stitch Shop Tour

I told you that I stopped at the Stitchery Nook when I ventured to Minnesota for a graduation party. Well, of course, I took pictures so I could share them with you.

I am so blessed to have a shop so close to me and one that is so nice. Besides that, Liz and Sherry who own the place are AWESOME!! Kind, friendly, and always have a smiling face!!

I came with a purpose…I was going to get the threads that I didn’t have for two different projects. One only needed one floss and the other needed five. I know me and I knew I wasn’t going to get out of there with only that. I did tell myself that the goal was to be under $75. I have to do that to myself or I can go completely crazy.

I had something in mind that I wanted to buy but I let myself browse a bit. Oh, the girls got perforated paper in. That’s something have seen more and more on Flosstube. I didn’t know they made it all of these colors. I might have to try a project sometime.

The chart I had in mind to buy was a Blackbird Designs chart. I started wondering my way to that section of the store. I got distracted along the way. I had seen this from Janette Douglas on Flosstube. I believe it’s a series that can be stitched together. CUTE!!

I saw this pattern and was very tempted. Elizabeth Ann Can Stitch on Flosstube is stitching for her birthday start. Oh, that was tempting. It’s so small and petite. I like it…but I was sticking to my budget. I really like the size of this though…and that is long and narrow. Hmm. I’m keeping this one in the back of my mind and will check it out next time I go.

Okay. I made it to the Blackbird section. WOW. They totally expanded it. LOVE!! I spent about 15 minutes looking to see what charts they had that I didn’t have. I am a Blackbird Designs collector. In all seriousness, if I was put on a desert island and could only take projects from one designer. It would be Blackbird Designs. They are my favorite.

I ended up picking up the chart I was looking for.

I have others I like too…The Scarlett House…

Teresa Kogut…

Plum Street…

With Thy Needle and Thread. WHAT?? Be still my heart. They about doubled the amount of With Thy Needle and Thread patterns. Oh my!! I was so happy to look at all the options. Oh, I need more time to stitch!! So many I love.

I told myself I couldn’t look too long. I knew if I did, I would buy more. HA!! That $75 budget was nagging me. I also kept telling myself that I’d be back in about a month for a retreat so I could look longer and maybe have a budget for then as well.

I kept roaming. I saw this cute bee piece. I just watched Lori Holt’s latest Flosstube and she was looking for bee charts. Darn. I didn’t get the name of it.

Oh…I was so happy to see this piece stitched. It’s one I want to do. It’s called This is the Day from Plum Street Samplers. I have the chart…I just need the thread and the time. HA!

They have so many samples in the store. Waxing Moon Designs is local to Osage, Iowa where the shop is so they have many of her pieces stitched as samples.

They had these super cute Mill Hill kits for these Santas. I don’t do Santas but if I did…I think I’d have to get one of these.

I saw these little drums the last time I was at the shop and just loved them. I noticed that there was a third one there. Hmm. I know the two came from one book that I already have but where did the bird come from? I asked Sherry and she helped me. YAHOO!! I already have the book with the bird. I would love to stitch these and make these exact drums. My next mission is to find the fabric they used for the sides of the drum.

I also love the little pillow with the pumpkin. I’m stitching that in August for my Summer Cross Stitch Camp. The theme for that is to stitch something that is new to you. Meaning try something you’ve never done before…a new designer a new finish…For me, that is stitch on toweling. That is new to me.

Oh my. Here is the big mattress-finished eagle pincushion. It is in the new patriotic Blackbird Designs book that I don’t have and didn’t pick up. Hmm. Seeing that was enough for me to grab the book. I don’t know if I’ll ever stitch it but Blackbird Designs books go out of print and I’d hate to miss out if I do have time to stitch it. I truly love it! Plus there are a couple of other designs in the book that I like too.

Oh…so cute. These berries are the ones that Liz sent a picture of the other day. Liz said they were her first time making berries. Aren’t they the cutest??

The sewing berry on the left it this pattern. It also has a cute little companion pillow. SO CUTE!! Maybe this should be a stitch-along for next year!

I love this…It’s another Blackbird Designs project. I saw on Flosstube that Contented Needleworker Kim stitched this only she changed the alphabet for a bible verse. It’s so pretty.

Drums always catch my attention. I really should make more.

I’m more into primitive deigns but there is something in the shop for any style of cross stitcher.

If you like a simple clean look. the piece below is so pretty. I think it’s done with only one color of floss. That’s from Hello from Liz Mathews.

I love the saying on this piece.

The piece that shocked me was Consider the Lilies by Heartstring Samplery. I had a tiny start on this…WOW. It’s big and it’s beautiful. Oh, so pretty. It’s the coveted piece that many cross-stitchers start and fewer finish because it’s such a big piece.

I bought the chart when it came out and like everyone wanted to stitch it. My daughter Kayla was in the same boat. We started it together last year. I stitched on it over the course of one weekend. Then it sat. The piece is so intimidating. Maybe it’s time to pull it out again. Hmm.

That’s the great thing about visiting a cross-stitch shop. You don’t necessarily have to spend money. You can just be inspired….I however did spend some money too. I did stay under the $75 budget. I think I was at $69. That’s pretty good.

Sherry told me I had a gift card there from a blog reader and could use it if I wanted. I opted to keep it there and use it next month when I go to the retreat. Thank you so much to the blog reader who sent that!! It is so appreciated.

I suppose I should show you what I bought…
These are my Blackbird Designs charts. The one on the left was my intended purchase. I’ve been wanting to get that chart. The one on the left was the one with the mattress pincushion. I’m so happy with both purchases.

The other chart I got was this Word Play pillow from With Thy Needle and Thread. It is a series. There is one pillow from every month. I’m wanting to stitch most of them but rather than stitching them monthly, I thought about stitching them quarterly. I’ll likely have to fudge something on them. Like the one below says August along the side. My plan is to leave that off, add a sunflower, and maybe another bee in place of it.

I have a few of the other charts…January, February, and April. I’m hoping to stitch these up for next year’s displays. We’ll see….that’s the plan anyway. If you want to see all of the months, Liz has them HERE on the Stitchery Nooks website.

If you have a cross stitch shop within a day’s drive, make plans to go…I don’t think you’ll regret it.

If there is anything in the pictures that you have questions about, HERE is the link to the Stitchery Nook’s webpage. There is contact info there and I’m sure the gals would be happy to help you.

16 thoughts on “The Stitchery Nook: A Cross Stitch Shop Tour”

  1. WOW what a shop! I have never been to such a wonderful shop, just for cross stitch. It is so inspiring. I, too, like This Is The Day chart. I may need to reconsider and do the berries stitch along. You did good, Jo!

  2. What a lovely shop, thank you for sharing and giving us a little tour! I, too, enjoy Blackbird Designs, With Thy Needle and Thread, and Plum Street Samplers, I think if I were on a deserted island I would take any of those designers patterns and be happy as a clam. Probably Plum Street Samplers is my absolute fave of the three yet they are 1A, 1B, and 1C. HA!

    I agree the ladies that own the Shop are lovely as I’ve purchased all our SAL supplies from them. They never cease to amaze me how quickly they ship and the packages arrive so fast!

  3. Wonderful, beautiful shop stitchers shop. It’s a must shop to visit …if you’re in the area. They
    Also have a wonderful retreat center upstairs. I’m met group quilters .. so have been there to a retreat . She set up for stitching retreats also . Osage is a fun little town to visit . There’s a great place to eat right next door .

  4. Stephani in N. TX

    OMG you have inspired me with your blog, twice in one day. I had a XS shop like yours to visit, in the 90’s when I was stitching. So inspiring and good for purchases too. Loved catching up on your UFO’s as well. I love Bonnie Hunter’s quilts and have done quite a few. I even did a workshop with her and went on an Alaska cruise with her as the teacher. I am looking forward to some of your You-Tube presentations for some of her book quilts that appealed to me but were not started. I think a little inside organizing and tips from you might be just what I need to do a few successfully. Thanks again Jo.

  5. Susan the Farm Quilter

    What a great shop!!! When I can get through my stash of fabric, maybe I’ll pick up cross-stitching! Home decor fabric would be great for the side of the drums, right?? I’ll have to check out my local Mill End Fabrics and see if they have anything in that kind of pattern and color! I love seeing what you create!

  6. Thanks for taking us around the shop, Jo! I really like the Blackbird Designs project with the birds and the alphabet :)

  7. Holy cow, what a shop! I’m amazed by your will power. Would not happen here my friend. I don’t have the luxury of anything close to shop at. Only a Michaels or Hobby Lobby which I only use to buy DMC. I know that I would have to order in lunch if I was there. I’d be in heaven to be able to just stand in front of Blackbird Designs or Plum Street patterns. I’m trying to finish This is the Day from Plum Street. It’s a beautiful pattern with beautiful colors. Be prepared for a lot of floss changes and it’s a bigger piece than I originally thought. So pretty. Thank you for the tour. Pamela A / PA

  8. OMG, you have really made my ‘cross stitch rash’ start itching like crazy!!! I may just have to do something rash to relieve that itch.

  9. What a great shop! On my desert island, it would be With Thy Needle and Thread, No12 Stitch Co linen, 100/3 silks, and me!

  10. You are so fortunate to have such a lovely shop relatively close to you. It seems like there used to be so many, and now they are few and far between. Your pictures were inspiring; thanks for sharing them, Jo.

  11. Ginny Bumgarner

    What a wonderful tour!!! Just makes me want to hop in the car and drive to Iowa. I saw lots I like!!!

    By the way, many times the first 1/3 of your post is in code, and not readable. Just like the first post today. Is there anything I can do about this? I hate to miss any of your posts.

    1. UGH. We hadn’t had any complaints for two weeks and now apparently they are back. I will forward this to Kayla.


    Thanks so much for showing the items in the cross stitch, shop. It was so nice. I would love to visit, there. So many patterns and nice models. That is inspiring.

  13. Thank you for introducing me The Stitchery Nook. All of my go to stitching shops have closed the doors and it is difficult to find great shops. I live near Dallas, TX. Jo, I appreciate you for sharing. I have been a diehard sampler addict for 40+ years. Again thank you

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