The Squirrels

For my birthday l the year before last Kramer made me a squirrel feeder.  It’s one of those that looks like a chair that you stick an ear of corn on it.  He also picked up a garbage can FULL of corn for the field so we could feed them.  He thought the childcare kiddos would get a bang out of it.

He put it up out an ear of corn…no squirrels.  We had lots of squirrels in our neighborhood but none seemed to be interested in corn.  NONE.

I thought being it was close to the road that the squirrels might not feel safe.  I told him that but he said that’s where are trees were so where else could we put it.  I resigned myself to thinking we’d never get a squirrel….and we didn’t.  Months would go by before they would eat an ear of corn.  I didn’t understand it.

Then Kramer got sick early this year.  I hoped and hoped we’d get a squirrel thinking that while he was sitting in his chair that he’d be entertained watching it.  No squirrel.

The very end of May when we found out his cancer was terminal I saw a squirrel outside.  We both saw him eating the corn.  I was so happy….one had finally figured it out.

Since Kramer’s passing…I have squirrels ALL THE TIME.  Seriously…all the time.  As I am writing this, I’ve had a squirrel eat an ENTIRE ear of corn for the last four day in a row.  Feeding the squirrels has gotten to as much of a chore as feeding Ruby.

The squirrels don’t care about noise, the childcare kids, or cars passing by.  He just sits there and eats.    When these pictures were taken we were about 8 feet away sitting on a blanket under the same tree.

This one even brought a friend.  See??

The squirrels run across my back lawn and past my windows.  I don’t go a day when I don’t see a squirrel…or two or three.  See the friend squirrel sitting at the base of the tree.  So cute.  I just love seeing them and never get tired of it.

It’s so weird that they come now and I see them so often.  We really tried getting them to come before but none came.  I don’t know what the difference is but I know me and the childcare kiddos sure love seeing them!!  I also know that this fall I’m going to have to walk the fields and collect corn.  At this rate of using an ear a day, I’m going to need a lot of corn!!  I wish Kramer could have enjoyed them.  He’d have gotten a kick out of them too.

11 thoughts on “The Squirrels”

  1. Squirrel feeding has caused some big controversies around here. Glad that doesn’t seem to be an issue for you, and that your furry friends come now.

  2. Maybe Roger is sending them to you! We always think of grandpa when we see deer or pretty birds. Especially when the deer stays around a bit longer than you’d think it would.

  3. Don’t worry about Kramer not seeing the squirrels who do you think sent them? Do you know what he enjoys even more then watching the squirrels? Watching you and the kids watching the squirrels. My daughter has sent me some beautiful things.

  4. My dad lived in a rental house and we enjoyed watching the squirrels (even though he thought they had ugly faces!). One day, an enterprising squirrel brought part of a corn cob into the back yard, and proceeded to bury individual pieces of corn all over the yard. He was quite industrious and provided us almost 30 minutes of entertainment!
    Dad moved into senior’s housing that winter, but we often wondered if the corn survived the winter and drove the landlord crazy by growing all through the lawn!

  5. Squirrels are so much fun to watch and I must admit that our neighbors feed them and I get to enjoy watching them. Your feeder is really charming and I think Kramer would be happy that its providing so much enjoyment

  6. I don’t need a alarm clock as every morning the squirrels jump from one tree and run across my roof to the tree on the other side of the house. It happens every morning at 8:00, I sleep upstairs and I can hear them every time run above my head. When I wake, I look at the clock, sometimes it is a little earlier, maybe a quarter to eight or so. It is funny.

  7. We have many squirrels in our yard and our dachshund loves to go out and hunt them. Can you figure out how to make these squirrel feeders? This is something you could sell on Etsy. I would buy one.

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