The Spare Bedroom

We finally finished up the south spare bedroom.  I guess I shouldn’t really say that as it’s not exactly how I want it but it’s closer.  To start out with the floor is finished.

When we moved in, this was the last floor that we hadn’t finished.  At the time, our patience was running slim and Hubby wanted to leave the floor undone so that he could use the room as a work area for a bit without worrying about the floor.  For the longest time this room had a mattress on the floor and was full of boxes.  At Thanksgiving time we decided we’d start working on getting the room finished.

Hubby started with the floor…and then decided being he was here he would refinish all the trim too.  The plan is that he will eventually refinish all of the trim in the house.

Once the floors and trim were in, it was time for the furniture….Each piece of course has a little story…

The cross stitch on the wall I told about in this blog post.  It was $2.50.
The high backed bed Hubby bought at an auction.  I had seen the picture of the bed but didn’t go along to the auction.  I didn’t expect that he would get is as the auction he went to typically has pretty high prices.  I looked up on the blog to see what he paid for the bed….  $160.  You can read the post here.  He did have to do a little work on it.  Originally the foot board had a veneer of burl over that top of it that matched the burl on the head board in the center.  It was all chipped up and needed attention.  I really couldn’t be fixed.  We talked about trying to replace it.  Then I suggested just removing it.  Well he carefully removed that and then stained and varnished it.

Looking at the bed now, I really can’t tell it was ever there.

The bed was also a 3/4 in size.  Hubby had to redo the bed to make it queen sized.  I love the bed.

This dresser I bought at the thrift store.  It too was in tough shape.  Hubby completely refinished it.  The original price was $60.  We’d like to someday get some vintage pulls.  For now, this is fine and I’m happy with it.  The picture above is of my great grand parents from Sweden.  The children’s bible is mine from when I was a child.  I have a new version there too.


The wardrobe was an auction find too.  Hubby and I went to an auction late this summer and found it.  We really didn’t intend on buying it.  We just both loved it.  The other pieces are walnut wood and this is oak.  Our desire was to have all the furniture the same type of wood but we couldn’t pass this up.  It was $375.  Read the whole story about it here.  This was in mint condition.  Lucky for Hubby it was cheap and didn’t need fixing.

I did a little Amazon shopping and found the bed skirt that was the right length.  I put it on hoping the wrinkles would work themselves out but I can see that I’m going to need to take it off and press it.

Although the bedroom is looking good I have it on my list to buy new rugs for the floor, to buy a lamp and to get rugs for the floor.   I want to add a few pillows yet too.  Slowly it will all come together.  I might find something else for the wall but not much else.  I really want to go with a minimal look.

I am so happy with it all and especially excited that it’s pretty and way under a budget.  Where does a person get a bedroom set this good looking for $595.  I’m happy.

For curious minds..the quilt is Celtic Solstice.  It is available for free download here.  It is a Bonnie Hunter pattern.

As I find things..or the money to do more, I’ll gradually tackle the few things that are left on my list for this room.

10 thoughts on “The Spare Bedroom”

  1. FYI…The Bonnie Hunter quilt is $8. It is beautiful though! The whole room is beautiful! You get such great deals out there!

  2. The spare room looks nice and welcoming. I have a question about enlarging the bed. I bought a bedroom set at an auction. The bed has the high back board and footboard. The two side pieces were there but the slats were missing. A friend had to make each slat individually as they had to fit into odd shaped spaces. When I went to buy the mattress none would fit so I had to buy a specially made one. It’s not quite a full size. A wood working friend told me to make the bed wider he’d have to make new wooden side rails. The current ones have metal pieces which fit into slots on the head/foot boards. I imagine your bed was similar. There isn’t room to put additional slots. Thanks!

  3. Instead of removing the bedskirt and pressing it, please consider spritzing it with some water. That might shake out the wrinkles. I would put a cutting board behind and spray one section, move the board and spray some more. I am mentioning this because of my new “find” from my husband’s work table. Another spray bottle at my ironing station began to leak andI don’t care for steam so this sprayer gives a fine mist when it is pumped up.

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