The Shadow of the Wind…Book Review

As I was busy machine quilting my last project I was busy listening to an audio book on my MP3 player.  The book I was listening to was The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón …and I recommend it.

It is historical fiction taking place in the 1950’s in Spain.  The novel flashes back to earlier times before WWII too.  It’s a novel that you really need to make yourself read a few chapters before you get hooked, but once you do, you are hooked.  There are so many things happening in the novel…love stories, mystery, secrets, betrayals, history, murder, vindication, class between the social classes, bitterness and redemption.

The novel jumps from past to present and the past somewhat mirrors the present so it is important to pay attention to which setting you are in.  Daniel, the main character in the novel, is ten as the book opens.  His widowed father takes him to a special book shop where he gets to choose a novel.  He is told that he must protect the novel so that it is never destroyed as it is a rare book.  So begins Daniel’s saga.  The book is full of rich characters, all who have secrets of their own that become intertwined throughout the story.

I listened to the book a few days ago, and I still find myself wanting to go back and listen more only to remember that the book came to an end.  I plan to investigate and see if the author has written more books.  I love the voice of the audio reader.  It’s perfect for the book.

This isn’t a quick read or a fluff book.  It’s the type of book that is bound to become a classic.

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  1. I use to love to listen to books while I was working. I’ve gotten away from that, but plan on checking it out again. And the reader does make a huge difference IMHO. Thanks for sharing and sparking the interest in book listening.

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