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So I had a “turn lemons into lemonade” day on Monday.  The previous week it all started with one of the little ones having a temperature.  From there is turned into a high temperature and from there it turned into Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.  Well it spread.  By Sunday we had two of my families with it and the third and fourth families are out on maternity leave so that left me with an unexpected day off.  I was sad the kiddos were sick but elated for a chance to get the sewing room together.

I started at 8:00 am and worked until 11:30.  Then I went to the chiropractor and did some errands.  I was back to cleaning and organizing by 2:30 pm.  I had called Kalissa to see if she would help me get the television set up.  Over the summer we thought we had been hit by lightening and we thought the television in the kitchen had died because of it.  I went to town and bought a new kitchen television.  We set in up and it wouldn’t work.  After playing around with the cord we realized it was the power strip that had fried, not the television.  The new television was now in place and working and the old one was on the counter.  Hubby ended up plugging in the old one and it worked.  Then we debated.  Take the new one back?  What a pain to package it all when I’ve been wanting a television in the sewing room.  I really don’t watch television but wanted it for the news and to watch Netflix from time to time…so the television went to the sewing room and there it sat.

Part of my mission with cleaning and organizing the sewing room was to get the television working…and we did.

So as you see the first movie I watched was Grease.  It will always be in my top ten of favorite movies.

I snapped some pictures thinking you might want to see the cleaned up version.The pictures aren’t bright like it usually is.  I took them at night and that doesn’t make good photos.  For those wondering my room is 14 ‘ x 20’.  My quilting machine in only a 10′ frame.


This is an antique clothes hanger.  I bought it at an auction this summer.  I meant to show it before and forgot.  I love it.  Hanging here are mine and Kelli’s quilts that need to be quilted.  On the bottom is a shelf and I store a few of my finished quilts there.

You can see the door to the right.  That’s a 6′ x 8′ walk in closet.  I keep quilt battings and backings along with other miscellaneous things there….cross stitch stuff, embroidery, wool and the like.


Under my quilting frame I keep all of my totes for scrap users system.  On the front side is one set for the darker Civil War type fabrics and one set is for bright fabrics.  I had another set on the back side for recycled shirts.


We still don’t have the trim up in the sewing room.  To be honest, I don’t care if it ever gets done.  Hubby does though.  Someday this door will go out to an upper deck.  Not yet.  We have yet to figure out how we want to design it and until that happens…no deck.  We aren’t in a hurry at all.


My cupboards came from an auction.  Hubby refinished them.  They had to be cut down a bit to fit…I love them.


The bottom of the cabinet houses my UFOs.  Yep…that many and I love that I have them.


Right now I have three machines set up to sew.  There’s the Pfaff Grand quilter, my blue vintage Singer and my 301 Singer.  One of my goals was to get the 301 set up..and it is!


This is my “hole” where I spend most of my piecing time.  I love my Grand Quilter.  It’s my favorite machine EVER!  I have my Blue Skies project along with my leader and ender project which is the border for Fair and Square along the side table waiting for me to get some sewing time.


Over the weekend when I was thrifting I found the little wooden drawer cabinet.  It came brand new in the box with assembly needed.  Hubby put it together for me and now it’s all in place.  I paid $20 for it.  Hubby said it wasn’t fun to assemble.


This the south wall.  I have things stored in the picnic baskets.  One has novelty prints, one orphan blocks, one floral fabrics as one day I am making Floribunda quilt.  My African Violets hang out there on my little metal shelf too.  I’d like to find another metal shelf for the other window.  I am a bit of a Violet lover.

The old ice box houses all of the solid fabric we have.


On the east wall in my treadle and cutting station.


I cleaned off the cutting station to find this!  I told Kelli it was time for a new mat.  Where the zero on the mat is, it’s cut all the way through.


Well that’s the tour.  Everything is all clean and I’m free to sew.  So what I am doing sitting here by the computer?  I don’t know.  I have things to sew and with that, I’m off.  Boy, oh boy, does it ever feel good that it’s clean and organized.  I should be in the clear for a couple months now…at least that’s my hope.




15 thoughts on “Sewing Room Tour”

  1. I started cleaning last night-must be that the weather went from warm to shiver in the last week! This past summer I had my grandkids staying with us and my room looked like a dump site but after a few hours I can see the floor again. Love your room especially the reclaimed furniture!

  2. Thanks the tour! I wish I could say mine is as tidy! Lol! I just keep telling myself a messy space is the sign of a creative mind!
    Happy sewing!

  3. A tidy sewing room is such a joy! I wish a sewing room fairy showed up each night while I sleep to keep my area tidied.
    Christine from Ontario

  4. Great sewing room! My husband says it’s amazing what can be placed in a sewing room. I call mine “The Wooly Nest” since I also rug hook in that room. Yes, that generates lots of wool dust, but it’s easy to clean.

  5. Loved seeing the sewing room. You know when the mat gets worn you can flip it and use the other side. I did that on my big one. When THAT wore out I bought another new big one but I put a smaller on the top and cut on that one to keep the new one pristine. Enjoy piecing in your tidy sewing room.

  6. Thanks for the tour of your sewing room. It is so nicely organized with a place for everything. I have a suggestion for your comfort. When my kids were in college, one summer they brought home a computer type chair with wheels that was going to be thrown away. I latched on it for my sewing room. It was so much more comfortable for getting up and going with my sewing movements. You would maybe need to move the rug for ease of movement, but your body would love it. The wheels don’t like the strings, but that is easy to keep cleaned up. I love your idea of using the picnic baskets for storage, more attractive than a box. That ice box looks great and looks to hold a great deal of fabric.
    Enjoy that TV in the sewing room, I sure do especially for the news. Happy sewing!

  7. Well, now I need to go spend some time in mine. . .I am not brave enough to post pictures, though! EGADS! IT is BAD right now. Probably need to make that a goal before Black Friday hits! I am impressed with you, as I get sidetracked by the sewing when I go to clean mine.

  8. Looks good now come to Texas and do my room. My room is 18×16 I have a 14 foot long arm. I get inspired but don’t have time right now to many quilts in line for me to quilt. Hate cleaning. If I clean I always hide stuff from myself. Thanks
    for the inspiration. There’s hope for me after all.

  9. Congrats on the clean-up in the sewing room. Mine is so small it’s a constant battle, plus it seems to be the dumping ground for the rest of the house. I’d love to have a 14 x 20 room. I’d have no trouble filling it up. :) I’m sorry for the kids with Hand, Foot & Mouth disease. My two littlest grandchildren had it last winter….nasty stuff. I’ll be sure to NOT ever buy one of those little drawer cabinets since your hubby said it wasn’t any fun to put together…if a handy guy like him had problems with it I certainly wouldn’t want to tackle it. :)

  10. Love your room. I just ordered new cutting mats from They are about twice as thick as normal mats. They will make custom sizes too. They were fast and I thought very reasonable priced.

  11. Oh I love seeing your rooms. I don’t mean to be nosey but it’s so interesting to see how other people arrange their sewing areas. I would love to have the space that you have. However, the rooms in our UK house rarely reach the US sizes unfortunately. Still, you make do with what you are given.

    So sorry to hear the children are not very well. Hope things improve soon.
    Love from Linda.

  12. One of my favorite things to see are what people have done to their sewing areas to make them usable. I converted one of our spare bedrooms to my Momma’s Sewing Room and now awaiting our youngest son to be married next month and have the last spare room set up for a couple of antique machines and a full sized bed for visitors. Mind you just a bed, small chest with a TV on top, the rest will hide fabrics and hubby’s guitar collection. Please keep us all informed on how you have your room(s) situated so we can follow suit and add a few of our own. God Bless and help keep our creative juices flowing.

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