The Rosie Saga Continues

Okay…so I told you Rosie had a little bit of trouble but was back on track, right?  Well I spoke to soon.

About a week after Rosie was “better”, Rosie got worse.

Ever since I got her she’s been really good in the kennel even overnight.  From the first day she has gone all the way from bedtime until 6am with not a sound.  Once she wakes, she needs to go outside immediately but I need to be up by 6am anyway so it’s no big deal.

Well Rosie ended up creating such a ruckus in her kennel that I was up and worried about her.  It was 12:15am.  We had gone to bed at 10:30pm.  This was very unusual.  I took her downstairs and outside.  She peed.  We went back upstairs.  She went back in the kennel.

At 1:45am Rosie was at it again. She was acting up so much that again, she woke me up.  Oh my word.  I cannot spend my night like this.  Back downstairs.  Back outside.  She wouldn’t go to the bathroom.  I was a little frustrated.  Seriously, I need to sleep and I could see nothing “wrong” with her.  We went back upstairs.  She went back in the kennel.

She made it until 5:30am…acting up again.  This time I decided to stay up.  We went downstairs.  I took her out, she did her business.  I fed her.  Rosie wouldn’t eat…not a bite.  She drank water like a champ but would not eat a bit.  Looking at her she looked bloated.  UGH.  Now what??  She pooped so that was okay.  She peed….that was okay.   But seriously, a beagle does not pass up food EVER!!

So I messaged my vet.  She told me I needed a urine sample again.  Oh my word.  Seriously…this dog.  Of course it was now Friday.  I needed to act on this so I wouldn’t have to pay the high vet costs for weekend care.  Back to catching a urine sample.  UGH.

So I tried….I got three drops.  UGH.

I was feeling frustrated so went to my phone and updated the kids using Messenger saying “Rosie is sick again.  She won’t eat.”

A short while later I got a message from Karl.  It said, “Check to see if Rosie got in the dog food in the garage.”

I did…this is what I found….

Yep…she got in the dog food.  Here’s the proof….

So…Rosie had crystals in her urine the last time she was at the vet.  They put her on special expensive food.    I had to take the old food out of the house.  I didn’t want to throw it away.  She would likely be able to eat it again so keeping it in the garage was smart.  What wasn’t smart was keeping it on a low shelf.

The night before she was sick, she had snuck into the garage.  I hadn’t thought anything of it.  Apparently she ate so much she gave herself a stomach ache.  Oh that dog!!

What do I do with her??

I messaged the vet and told her.  She laughed.  So I guess that ended okay.  She’s back to herself.

She has continued to be good.  We keep working on little things.  The latest is getting used to the Furminator.
FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Dogs
I love this for de-shedding.  I used it on Ruby and now Rosie.  We’ve been working on it little by little.  Most dogs don’t love it right away.  She finally has gotten better about it and lets me do what I want.

I’m so glad.  Pet hair is something I have to stay on top of and the Furminator brush is a wonderful.  Ruby got to the point she was happy if she saw the brush.  Rosie isn’t quite there yet…She’s doing way better though.

Now we need to work on her getting her nails trimmed a little better…and jumping up on people.  Those are all normal things.

The excess of dog food she ate has worked itself through her…no more waking me in the middle of the night with stomach aches.  We do have to get a urine sample here in a week or so and see if she needs to stay on the special food or if we can go back to her puppy food that is in the garage.

She’s a challenge but who can’t love that little face.

…and YES, I did put the dog food up on a higher shelf.

24 thoughts on “The Rosie Saga Continues”

  1. Felicia Hamlin

    Those beagles! Our sweet Sunshine is really sweet, but she can be naughty and she has had a lot of serious health problems. However, who could stay mad at those sweet eyes and floppy ears. All is well that ends well take care.

  2. We got a new dachshund puppy when my son was 9 months old. It was like having two babies around. And Vet bills aren’t cheap either. I love the quilt!

  3. We have always had golden retrievers and they love their food! So we keep the food in plastic bins with the snap lids. Goldens do try and get the lids up. So we humans have to look at containers that are dog proof. Easiest way. And, once, just once, our current golden managed to get the lid up and made himself sick from over eating. So we always make sure those snap closures are locked. Love my dog but sometimes he does keep me on my toes as the saying goes.

  4. I have to admit I do enjoy the stories about Rosie. I haven’t had a puppy in many years but I do remember the antics and frustration of having one. I’m glad to hear things are back to “normal”.
    I have heard about the furminator but seeing the expense, I wasn’t sure I wanted one. Now I do. I wonder if it works on cats?
    Love and prayers

  5. I have a labrador retriever so I know about dogs who love food. Glad to hear Rosie’s issues will pass. Good thing puppies are so cute!!

  6. Rosie is such a cutie! She is worth all the trouble! I saw where several comments said to put the food in plastic containers with lids. This is also good to keep mice out!

  7. Have you used the pie plate trick for the urine sample? I always keep a couple of used disposable ones around the house just for that. You follow them around with the pie plate until they start to go and usually you can get enough. Hopefully that will help you. Good luck with Rosie, she has such a sweet face!!

  8. LaNan Eldridge

    The other night got up with our puppy at 1 am, 2:30, 4 and 5:45 and then I stayed up. She had the issue of diarrhea BUT two days before she ate our daughters dogs food!! The vet told me it takes several days to get it thru their system. So back boiling chicken rice and plain yogurt. He loves it…not a morsel left!!! This morning I put alittle bit of his food with it so see how it goes. They warm your heart but oh boy in the middle of the night you wonder!!

  9. I had a dog who had bladder cancer. We were up on a regular basis for about 6 months. I put her in diapers, but she would still wake us up when she needed to go out, only to pee a few drops. Makes for a hard night! The thing I see in common with Rosie is that she had urinary tract infections and crystals in her urine for several years and we fed her Blue Buffalo. Don’t know if there is a connection, but perhaps trying a different dog food to see if that helps the crystals problem could work. Perhaps your vet has some input on that.

  10. The Furimantor works on cats too. A friend’s cat loved his head scratched with it so much he was almost bald on top. LOL

  11. I’m glad Rosie is OK! Off topic, but I just wanted to let you know I tried the Creamy Ravioli Soup and OMG it was so delicious!!! I too used leftovers from a rotisserie chicken. I used frozen ravioli and it worked fine. I also added some chopped bell peppers and I used canned evaporated milk instead of cream since we are self isolating and I didn’t have cream. It all worked out great and both my husband and I loved this soup!!! Thanks so much for sharing that recipe! I’ll use it again for sure.

  12. There are some very scary reviews about Blue Buffalo dog food causing issues with the liver, pancreas, bladder, etc.. With Rosie already having some ‘issues’, it might not hurt to change her food. I realize there are both good and bad reviews of all brands, but this seems to a recurring theme with Blue Buffalo. Hope she’s well on the mend! Hope you’re staying well also!

  13. Oh my! Rosie’s escapade reminds of the old tom cat my parents had and the night they left the side door of the garage open. He must have invited every cat in the neighborhood in for a party with the cat food bags stored there. Some day soon you’ll look back and have a good laugh over this little bump in the road.

  14. Thanks for the chuckle Jo. Reminds me of a neighbours cat who got in the garden shed and into the blood & bone – thirsty for days! Our first day of “lock down” here in NZ, so quiet! Haven’t even heard the local kids out playing.
    Rosie is posing so sweetly now, perfect accessory to your quilt.
    Cheers, Dot, NZ.

  15. Have you tried using an old soup ladle or big scoop spoon? Duct tape it to a yard stick or broom handle then take her out on lead and have the spoon ready in your other hand.

  16. Hi Jo, Just saw your post about that puppy getting into the food. We had two basset hounds who were notorious for getting into their food. We solved the problem by getting a plastic bin with a snap on lid, they no longer had tummy aches. By the way, love Rosie’s sweet face.

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