The Roses Worked for Me!!

Yellow roses….my favorite!!


In honor of our 25th wedding anniversary yesterday, hubby bought me rose.  I said…12?  He said, “Yes, 12,  yellow and no card”.  Confused by his response?  See my husband hasn’t always had the best luck with roses…..Let me explain.

A day or two before we got married, he called the florist and ordered a dozen red roses to be sent the hotel room we would be staying at on our wedding night.  We got married…went to the hotel room that night and there were was my first bunch of roses ever.  I was so impressed with him!  I walked over and opened the card…nice and slow, looking at him sweetly….and read the card…. “I hope the roses work for you Jo, Earlene.”  I was confused…hubby didn’t see the card and said, “Well do you like them?”

“They are beautiful”, I said.  I was totally confused.  The only Earlene I knew of was his ex girlfriend.  I couldn’t figure out why he was so proud of these flowers.  I figured there must be some kind of mix up….but I didn’t want to hurt his feelings so I just played along.

In the morning, I looked at the card again and tried to figure it out….”I hope these roses work for you Jo, Earlene”.  Well the roses were to me…I am Jo.  But how does hubby fit in….

He came over to me…looked over my shoulder and stopped.  He read the card, reread the card and then was furious.  He flipped the card over.  It said something cheesy like, “I Love You Forever Love Roger”.  (I don’t even remember what it said for sure).

Then he explained…Yes, Earlene was his ex girlfriend and yes she did write the note.  She worked at the florist where he ordered the flowers from.  She had apparently put the arrangement together.  Then she had the nerve to write on the flip side of the card, “I hope the roses work for you Jo, Earlene”.

How nasty was that?!?!?!

Both of us were crabby about that.  How immature!  I am sure we could have gotten her into BIG trouble at her job, but we chose to take the high road and not report her to her boss.  Honestly, on my wedding night, I woke up in the night confused about those roses just because of the stupid card.

So just for the record….“I’m glad the roses the didn’t work for you Earlene. Love, Jo” If you’re wondering how the the 12 and the yellow roses part play into things….you’ll just have to stick around for what Paul Harvey would call, “The Rest of the Story”, to be published on a later date.


Oh…I was asked for the recipe for the Pickled Yellow Pepper Rings.  Here’s a link.  I will say that I didn’t seal my jars….I just put them right in the refrigerator.  We have a second refrigerator and there’s plenty room.  We tried ours and they are amazing.  I was worried that they weren’t very spicy as I was canning them but they turned out perfect.

10 thoughts on “The Roses Worked for Me!!”

  1. Jo, I don’t know if I could have been as gracious as you were – but I applaud your restraint. My husband used to send me flowers at work (before I retired) and my boss teased him saying he was making the rest of the married guys look bad!

  2. Happy Anniversary! How unkind was Earlene’s behavior, sheesh, but, it looks like roses have “worked” for at least 25 years, lol

  3. The roses are beautiful and Happy 25th to you both. Too bad Earlene lost out!
    Wanted to let you know, I tried your Sour Cream Blueberry Pie. What a hit! I’ve given the recipe out 4 times and only made it two days ago – keep on cooking along with the quilting.

  4. Well you got the last laugh on Earlene! SHEESH. That was really rude of her and sorry you lost sleep over it. But obviously you got a good one and she was sorry she lost him. Sometimes people amaze me….

  5. too funny that she was still chasing your man, even after you got married! He must be a real catch :) You got the last laugh though, maybe you should send her some flowers now!

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