The Right Decision

You might remember back about a year ago when I was debating on how to lay out the kitchen that I was insistent on having a tall window in the kitchen.  I had so many people tell me that it was a wrong choice.  A close friend of mine told me I would regret it.  Blog readers told me I would regret it.

Hubby and I talked and talked about it but in the end we went with what we thought was right and opted for the tall window.

People thought that I would want that extra counter space in the corner where the window is.  People suggested to just have an above the counter window with cupboards below rather than to have that tall window.

I understood the point…but for me I wanted the window.  Here is why.


No amount of counter space can replace the joy I feel when I see Ruby or the childcare kids getting a chance to look outdoors.   In fact, seeing this is one of my favorite things about my kitchen.  It’s so functional for me because for me having the kids close yet not at me feet is wonderful.

To be honest, I hardly use the counter space I do have.  I do most everything on the island.  I can look out and see what the kids are doing.  Rarely does my back ever have to be turned to them.  It makes childcare and my life in general much more pleasant.

As far as the kitchen goes..and really the whole house for that matter, I wouldn’t change a thing.

17 thoughts on “The Right Decision”

  1. I cringe every time I see a picture of your kitchen. I think it’s awful looking. Hubby and I have been in the home building/remodeling business for over 40 years and everything you put into your kitchen is exactly what we’ve taken out and replaced. Too bad we didn’t connect up–we could have saved you a ton on money!! LOL!! But, it’s your house and as long as you’re happy with it, well that’s all that counts. The outside of your house could be absolutely charming and beautiful with the right landscaping, but I can tell you and your hubby have already made up your minds, so I’ll leave out my two cents lol! It’s been interesting watching the progress on your home.
    PS The poppyseed cake recipe was wonderful!

  2. Jo – it’s a good feeling to know that you made the right choice. I have listened to and watched so many home improvement shows and I have heard them give advice that would NEVER work for me! Just because people work in the industry doesn’t make them right!!! I’m glad you stuck with your gut and made the right decision!!! When you showed the picture of Ruby and the child looking at the window, I just knew that’s what you would love about that window!!!

  3. Judy Prescott

    I LOVE your kitchen! It is so homey and it makes me want to spend some time there with you! It is so perfect for you! I don’t follow a lot of blogs but appreciate you and all that you do.

  4. I love your big window. It reminds of visiting my grandma’s house with her big kitchen windows. Good for you for being true to yourself. Hope your day is awesoe!

  5. Right decision? Of course! It’s your choice and you knew what your priorities were. I have many favorite pictures of my children looking out of long windows to see the beauties of nature. And I enjoy reading your blog, following the frustrations and joys of the undertaking you’ve made, and now the satisfaction in your choices.

  6. Jo…found your website not long ago. I understand about the window. You made the right choice. Good for you. BTW thanks for all your quilting information.

  7. @Vikki, how terribly rude!
    Love the window Jo! And I love your charming country home. After our 9 year old son died, we started looking at life much differently. The scratches on the oak dining table from family games of “spoons” became memories instead of scratches. The tire swing in the front yard was no longer an eye sore. Our house became a home filled with beautiful memories. Enjoy your home the way YOU want it.

  8. Barbara Wells

    I agree how rude. When we built 4 years ago I wanted an old 4 square home built on my grandparents farm. We went through a lot of “experts” telling us why we didn’t want what we wanted. I don’t understand, it is NOT their home it is our and yours is yours. Just back off and listen to what people want instead of imposing your ideas. Love your windows and your whole house. Good for you knowing what you want and sticking with it.

  9. Wow Vicki. How rude. Haven’t you ever heard the saying, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”???

    Jo, I love your home and enjoy seeing the posts, even though I originally started following your blog because of your quilts. Keep doing what makes YOUR heart sing, and don’t worry about the opinions of others!

  10. I’m really glad the kitchen worked out exactly the way you wanted it. I would love watching the kids and Ruby at that window too. My dog used to have a stool to sit on in front of one of the dining room windows. It’s always nice to get other people’s opinions so that you can see if there is something you didn’t think of, but in the end, it’s YOUR kitchen. It needs to work for you, not someone else. I recently gutted my kitchen and started again from scratch, and I’m sure I did some things that others would think are crazy, but they work for me, and that’s what counts!

  11. You were so wise to go with what YOU wanted since you are the ones living there! There is no point or purpose in going through all the work you did on your house to have it designed for someone else. Good for you and hubby – it’s your $$, & your home. So glad you’re enjoying it! ❤

  12. Your kitchen reflects you and I love that it does that. Seeing the two at the window in the bottom picture reminds me of the first house we owned and the windows were low enough for the kids to look out. Many times the kids and dog looked out the window when Dad came home. You were right about sticking to your guns! Kids love to look out the windows!

  13. Glad you went with your gut on this one. Another plus…you can actually open the long window! We have the same kind of window over our kitchen sink that you do and I’m too short to get enough “oomph” to open it. Someday I hope to replace it with a crank out style. We built our home 10 years ago and it was a constant argument with the contractor on what we wanted and what they thought we should have. Glad you got what you wanted!

  14. I love your kitchen,,, wish I had one just like it and a dog like Ruby,, oh and a hubby like yours, I had a hubby one time but he passed away over 13 years ago so I love reading about you and yours.

  15. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Wow, not quite sure where Vicki came from today…so glad you didn’t use a “professional” to tell you what you wanted! I love your kitchen – it fits both you and the house…I wish my farm kitchen looked more like it, specially the island!! How serendipitous!!! Two very different pieces that I would never in a million years thought to put together and they are AWESOME!!! I can totally see you puttering around in that kitchen! The kiddo and Ruby looking out the window is a treasure! I totally understand why you wanted a window like that!

  16. Well I took out one small little window and replaced it with a long window and then added a second to let light in my kitchen. Already love it and we haven’t put the cabinets in yet.

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