The Retreat and Play

You might remember that last week I told you that I was having a girls weekend.  Kelli, Connie and my niece Jody were all going to come and hang out for the weekend for a sewing getaway.  I took Friday off of childcare and slowly the quilters started showing up.  Here Connie was working on Garden Party, a Bonnie Hunter quilt.


Kelli was the last to come.  She had worked the overnight shift Thursday into Friday….she was tired.


Jody was working on a Cathedral Window denim quilt.  She cut LOTS of denim circles.


Her plan was to use a batik bundle and cut squares for the inside.  Here are her first two rows.


Connie worked on this fun gray, white and black quilt.  She got all of the blocks for it done.  Sadly Connie had to spend a little time with the seam ripper.


Kelli was working on Bonnie Hunter’s quilt Garlic Knots…in batiks.  It seems the batik bug has caught around here!!


Me…I worked on a few things.  Here I was working on Cheddar Bow Ties.  I’ll tell and show you some of the other things I worked on in future posts.

Friday night by midnight, we wrapped it up and were up by 7:30am sewing again.  We sewed until about 11am and then it was time to head out to the play.  We had tickets for an afternoon viewing of Dirty Dancing in Cedar Falls.  It’s a bit less than an hour drive…and there was a quilt shop along the way.  (more on that later)

Here we are at the play……in order, me, Kalissa, Connie, Jody and Kelli.




It’s so fun…the girls now refer to Connie as Aunt Connie.  Truly, she’s the sweetest…or most awesome!

The play was good and fun.  We don’t often do anything like this so it was a real treat.

Once back home we were back to sewing….sewing until the wee hours of the morning…I think we all had the mentality of wanting to sew our extra hour as the time changed from day light savings time.  Check out my alarm as I went to bed on Saturday night…or rather Sunday morning!!


We were up and sewing again by 7am.

There was a craft show at the Event Center in town.  We had to go and check out the goodies.  We came home with kolaches.  They are an ethnic food here… YUMMY sweet filled rolls.


Connie and Jody left about noon on Sunday.  Kelli and I kept sewing for a couple more hours.  It was quiet and lonely without them.


By supper time Sunday night I had the house back in order…It was just the weekend I needed!!  We all said it was fun and are going to try to find a time to do it again….I love hosting at my house.   I can’t wait to show you some of the other things I worked on.  It was so fun to have such a big stretch of uninterrupted sewing time.  It was fun to do it with these great ladies.


Thanks for coming girls…come again.  SOON!!

10 thoughts on “The Retreat and Play”

  1. JO! It is always so much fun to hang out with you and your girls. I loved meeting Jody! I had a nice talking and getting to know her while we sewed away. What can I say, the play was AWESOME!! The kolaches were very good. Thank Jo for a great weekend.

  2. When I lived in Ohio one of the gals in my small guild had a lake house and we would go out there twice a year for a weekend retreat. It was always so much fun! Nothing like having friends (or family too in your case) spend the weekend together doing something you all love!

  3. Looks like a wonderful time! And nice to break up some of the sewing time with fun activities. Glad you took a break Jo and Kelli you deserve it!!

  4. I have a group of friends that we do this very thing – at least once a year. So much fun, there is nothing like girlfriend bonding time!

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