The Results are In

Well you all know I had my biopsy on Monday.

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I (mostly) patiently waited for the results to come in.  But my Thursday at noon, I knew the kids would be bugging me for results so I decided it was really close to 72 hours and called and asked for them.  (I was told 48-72 hours).

The news…
BENIGN.  No cancer in the lymph nodes in my neck that they tested.

I asked the nurse what I supposed to do.  Whose patient am I, the surgeon’s or my Endocrinologist.  She said the surgeon.  I asked what was next then.  She said she hadn’t talked to him yet.  So here I sit.

Waiting again…only this time it’s worse.  I don’t know what I’m waiting for.  No idea.  I don’t have an appointment.  I have nothing scheduled.

I called Thursday noon and as of today (Friday) at 3pm, no news.  I did send a message through the hospital’s doctor patient online program.  I’m guessing it will be Monday at the earliest before I hear anything.

I have to admit to being a little frustrated.  With my tumor marker number going up and indicating cancer, I’d like to treat it.  But I do agree with the opinion that we should know what we’re treating before we treat….but how long am I supposed to wait before it blows up into something really big.  UGH.

I think hardest of all is that the two people in my life who really-really-really understood me..understood how this all feels, are gone.  I don’t have Kramer.  I don’t have Jody….and it’s cancer that took them from me.  It gets hard from time to time to feel optimistic and hopeful when I had a husband and niece both die from cancer.  Everyone always says to me how lucky I am that I have the kids.  I know that, but try as they might (and they do try), they aren’t Kramer.  They aren’t Jody.

I keep telling God that if it’s patience he wanted me to learn through all of this, I think I’m getting the hang of patience.  Let’s move on to another lesson so I can get the heck out of this spot.

That’s what I know…My plans…I am going to self medicate myself with the largest dose of sewing I can get in tonight and tomorrow.  It’s the best medicine at this point…so off I go to sew.

24 thoughts on “The Results are In”

  1. Jo, do they have you on thyroid medicine? I have multiple nodules and they were not cancer. No surgery, has ever been done on me. They just put me on synthroid meds and they have shrunk to almost nothing. I was wondering about this for you. Good luck

  2. “He’s got the whole world, in His hands…” and don’t forget He’s got you. Prayers are sent your way and I hope that Puppycat is getting better.

  3. No magic advice. Just prayers for peace and grace as you wait once again during this limbo time. Love your plan to go and sew! Love and prayers! ❤

  4. No magic or advice at this point. I cant even imagine how frustrated you are at this point! Just remember we are all praying for you and wishing only the best for you.

  5. Oh my. Good news but still In a holding pattern with a lot of unanswered questions. Will continue to pray for wisdom for the doctor and patience for you. And I totally understand what you said about Kramer and Jodi. Experiencing something similar myself, not with cancer but with something my deceased husband said he’d help with when the time came. And it came about 2 years ago and will be ongoing for a while.

  6. Mary Ann Mettler

    Praying Jo – this is very confusing for sure. I am anxious to see the sewing projects however.
    Sending love your way.

  7. I’m glad for your news, Jo. As an RN I would suggest you contact the hospital’s pt advocate department and complain. There is absolutely no excuse for this nurse who left you hanging. She needed to talk to the surgeon about your questions and call you back before the end of the day. If he was in surgery she should have texted him or gotten a message to hi that he was not to leave before talking to her. I am astounded at this poor level of care. If I was the CEO she wouldn’t have a job. and probably not the surgeon either as he should have called you and told you what to do next without you having to ask. Hope things get better in this respect.

  8. Not knowing is the worst thing! You start to imagine all sorts of things. Give this to God if you can. Letting go is so hard. You have alot of love from your family, you are strong, you can do this. The doctors will figure this out! Know that we all care.

  9. I’m sorry this wasn’t definitive, and that you’re left hanging in more ways than one. I say, sew to your heart’s content this weekend.

  10. oh dear……. you need to be snuggled. Or just have a good cry. Wrap up in a couple of warm , heavy quilts, and have some hot tea, and double socks. And just curl up for a while. I hope you feel a bit better tomorrow.

  11. How frustrating! To not know the next step, but know there needs to be a step is crazy. I can sympathize with not having the person you want to talk to, the person you want to understand.

    Sending love and hugs.

  12. Arrowhead Gramma

    Jo, I too have tumor marker testing (C125) and it is done every six months. My oncologist has stated that normal range for this test is 0 to 30 and that though it is the best test available to see if there is cancer in your body, it is not perfect. He told me that any infection, cold, stress, etc. can throw the test results. I had a problem tooth at one point (with infection) and that threw my test off.

    Knowing that you have been dealing with so much, I am wondering if you had a cold or something else going on when you were tested. Perhaps the tumor marker test should be done again to see what the reading is now.

    Prayers are with you and please know that our God has you wrapped in His loving arms.

  13. I sounds so odd to say so sorry the biopsy didn’t show cancer. I am learning from you so I have no advice to share. And I do see how hard it is for you to be taking this journey of cancer no mans land without Jody and Kramer so sewing and trying to live your best life sounds like the thing to do

  14. Judith Fairchild

    Oh Jo, what a time you’re having. Your decision to see it off. Sounds good to me. Praying that whatever is causing the high mark on your is discovered so you can either say thank God it was off or you can get on with taking care of it. I like your attitude towards the whole thing.

  15. Jo, so glad the test was negative but still you face an unknown…keeping you in my prayers and thoughts.
    Sewing, quilting, cross stitching while watching a movie – good stress reducers.
    Love and prayers

  16. Oh my, how frustrating all this waiting and testing must be…..all those long trips over to Lacrosse and still no real answers on why your numbers are so high. You are the most patient person that I know of! I look forward to seeing what you are sewing on, Hugs Jo

  17. Well that stinks that you are left hanging! You have a good team of doctors so hopefully you will hear from them on Monday with a definite plan of action! Sewing is sometimes the best therapy!

  18. That is good news JO! My BIL has a very high PSA count but when he was biopsied for Prostate, he didn’t show any cancer. His numbers continue to be high but no cancer. Who knows what to do. Maybe you are just one of those type people. We are certainly praying for that outcome.

  19. A quick read through the comments shows some good advice and support. The Lord does indeed love you with an everlasting love and my prayer for you is to feel His love. And for the doctors to have wisdom, of course.

  20. Anne Hersch, I agree! In business, at the end of the day, I always touched base with the people who were waiting for a call back. Even if it’s a simple, “I don’t have any answer for you yet but I wanted to let you know I have not forgotten you and am still working on it”. No one ever said, I wish you hadn’t called” instead I was always, ALWAYS thanked for the consideration of a quick call.

    This is Saturday morning and we were left hanging for the weekend when my Daddy’s doctor returned my call to say he was referring us out to another specialty dr saying, “my front office staff will be calling you back in a few minutes with your new appointment time.” I told myself that it was a disconnect between a dr saying an appointment needs to be set ASAP and the Dr not knowing what it involves ‘making it happen’. But still, if a quick call saying still working on it, is so important in business SHOULDN’T IT BE 1000 TIMES MORE IMPORTANT WHEN DEALING WITH CANCER????

  21. So sorry that you didn’t get any definite answers. I know how you feel without Kramer & Jody. I still miss my Mom’s counsel and hugs after 10 years. Just know that all of us are saying prayers and sending you many virtual hugs for comfort. We love you like family! Hugs, Janine

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