The Rest of the Weekend

After they kids left on Monday, Connie came.  Yep my blog friend Connie.  She stopped on her way from playing Grandma and entrepreneur.  She’s starting in on a vending at quilt related events.  She had a bunch of awesome spray bottles printed and she had some shirts like the ones I had printed.  She’ll be selling them at quilting events in her area and I think possibly on line if I can talk her into it!!  The lady that prints the shirts lives and works down a crazy curvy dead end road.  I ended up taking Connie and her son Daniel to pick up the shirts.

Here is Connie’s shirt….

…and here are her Fine Mist Spray Bottles.

These are perfect to put water or Best Press or spray starch in.  They work wonderfully.  You’re gonna want one for sure.  More on that another time….(I still have to talk Connie into selling them on line)

But back to picking up the shirts….Our shirt lady is WONDERFUL.  She’s the sweetest.  We have known of each other for some time.  After the whole T-shirt ordering we’ve gotten to know each other better.  I’m still impressed with her!

Anyway, while we were talking she asked if I’d like as old sewing machine she had in the basement.  She was going to donate it to the charity shop and wondered if I could use it.  I brightened right up and said- “Yes…but I can’t promise I’ll keep it.  I’ll likely pass it on to someone who could use it.”  She ended up giving me the machine.  I tried really hard to pay her something for it but she wouldn’t let me.

I didn’t get a picture of the exact machine but I did go online to find a picture of it.  It was this…..a vintage Bernina 830.  The machine is basic but VERY nice….just the right amount of bells and whistles to keep the moving parts metal.

Well I got home and carried it in.

(Background here) I have a gal that cleans house for me…well she dusts, does the bathrooms and cleans the floors for me every other week.  She’s great.  She’s a friend of mine and her daughter is 12, comes with when school isn’t on, and I think the world of them both.

Well they were at my house when I got home with the machine.  I asked her if she had a machine.  Well she said she had a junkie one that she couldn’t make work.  I asked her if she was interested in a machine and she immediately said yes…so the machine was in and then out of my house within an hour or so of acquiring it!  I’m so happy to pass it on to them….next I think I’ll send some fabric.  (sneaky..right?)

Then Hubby came home from work.  We ended up going up to the antique booth we have in Harmony, MN.  We restocked and reorganized.  I love having the booth!

Then back home.  What a treat to come home to a clean house!!  Having my house cleaner come is so worth it…she does a wonderful job.

It rained the entire way home.  We’ve had rain and rain and rain.

Ever since the hail we had last week, we’ve not had 24 hours without rain.  At this point, we’re starting to expect that there will be flooding again in our little town.  So far we’ve been okay but we are so saturated and more rain is expected.  Tomorrow night they are predicting 1-3 inches more with possibly higher local amounts.  UGH.  That could easily be enough to do it.

I sure am hoping we can avoid that.  I feel so bad for the people who live in the area impacted.

Well that was my weekend…kids, rain, Connie, rain, the antique mall, rain and more rain.  I’ll keep you posted on the weather…and answer all the shoulder questions I got…come back soon.

7 thoughts on “The Rest of the Weekend”

  1. I have 2 of those Berninas – mine and my MILs. We both bought ours in the mid 70s. They are very coveted older machines. All mechanical, no computer boards to fail.

  2. I’ve been looking for one of those for quite some time now. You are so lucky and so kind to give it to your housekeeper!
    Meantime I’ll keep looking

  3. I’ve been looking for this machine also!! These are still expensive on ebay. All the ones I see that are in working order are in the $700+range. She’s one lucky housekeeper!!

  4. I have that machine and its a workhorse. I read an article once that said it was one of the best machines every made so of course when I saw one used at a dealer I had to have it. $500 for a 30yo machine! My boss just picked one up as a trade-in, and he’s looking to sell it once its given the once over by our technician. Since you have a few commenters who are looking, do you mind if I say that they can call Mark at The Sewing Studio (Maitland, FL) at 407.831.6488 ??

  5. I have one that I bought in high school, every time I take it in for cleaning and repair they ask when I am going to trade up for a computerized machine. I never will sell this one It repairs jeans and tents and sleeping bags etc. My daughters have all asked for it. I should probably shop for another one .

  6. What a perfect gift to get and a perfect gift to give and I think giving her some fabric is a swell idea, we can convert her over to the quilt side! I totally understand why folks have cleaning folks when one works full time, its the gift I gave myself when I was working….good for you. Your week end sounded like a fun time.

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