The Real Farm Wives of Winnesheik County

Yesterday is was hot, Hot, HOT here!  All efforts were put forth to keep the animals, watered, clean, happy, shaded and healthy.  With hubby’s boss gone, no one was around to help except me…

Here’s my proof that I was out helping…

poop cover feet!!  There are a lot of people who glamorize farm life and think it’s the place to be.  Trust me, there are good things and there’s some not so fun things smelling like poop.

Hubby is bedding cattle so I go out and help lock cattle out into the yards…then he beds them with corn stalk round bales.  While he’s doing that, there’s nothing for me to do so I head to the outside water font and wash up the best I can.  Then I am into the house for a bit until he calls and needs help again.  In the mean time, it doesn’t make sense for me to take a shower and I just kind of stink.  UGH!!

All in all, I really don’t mind I just wish I could help all at once and then come in a take a shower….

Did you notice how dry the grass is here?  It’s been so hot and no rain.  The crops are suffering and the county near us was just put into a burn ban.

14 thoughts on “The Real Farm Wives of Winnesheik County”

  1. We need to get you some proper footwear Girl! I’ve never seen any of the Real Housewives stuff on TV, but I’ve heard about it and it’s not like any reality I know. Maybe we should show them what real reality’s all about! Takes lots of scrubbing to get that smell out, doesn’t it. Hey, people pay big bucks for a mud wrap and you get it for free!

  2. I grew up on a dairy farm so I know exactly what you are talking about. It can be a lot of fun but it is also a lot of work every day of the year. I always laugh to myself and think about how people have no clue when I hear them say they would love to have a small farm.

  3. Yes, I’ve often thought that we need a TV show about real life in the midwest! Jo, I have some black chore boots with pink polka dots that I could lend you!!

  4. OMG! lol. I have a bunch of pairs of knee high rubber boots for my nasty chores. I’m too germophobic to wear crocs out there. eeks! Only down side is that if I’m wearing shorts, which is almost always, I have to put on a bunch of sunblock or I’ll get a lovely rubber boot tan line on my legs. Not attractive.

  5. Where are your “barn boots” girl?!? I can’t believe you live on a farm and don’t have a pair. I wish you could send some heat to our area. Rain and 50 to low 60s is all we’ve had in June and July so far.

  6. It has been a rough summer hasn’t it. Corn here is curling in due to heat and drought. The wicked storm we did get was so heavy rain just ran off and the wind caused more downed trees and flattened crops. We already lost a couple of older hens with the heat too. I did manage to start canning…several of the krauts are in the cool room (ha ha) fermenting. Hopefully it will cool down before it is time to process everything!
    I just keep reminding myself that I was wishing for this when trudging through the snow to take care of the animals! What was I thinking!

  7. LOL! I don’t have to mess with cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, or goats…. yet. Just chickens, and I’m the only one who does the chickens.
    My county here in Missouri has been under a burn ban for 2 weeks now. No July 4th fireworks for us.

  8. I can so relate! I remember coming in from the barn, wearing sneakers and I looked just like you. It was a little better when I wore barn boots, but not much. LOL. Just wanted you to know that you’re not alone. :o)

  9. I know what you are going through. My worse experience was falling down in the pig pen. It was winter after days of rain and the ‘quicksand’ effect sucked my boots right off my feet and down I went. I couldn’t get the poop smell off my hands for 2 days. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love the county life – poop and all.

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