The Rack that Hubby Built

Last year we didn’t have the best of luck keeping the onions or the squash all the way through the winter.  We are still learning and will continue to learn.

This year, hubby has a plan.  We purchased another drying rack like this one that I hang my clothes on in the laundry room in the winter.

He set it up in our basement in the coolest spot as we don’t have a real root cellar.  Then he built these “boxes” to set on the rack, making it seem more like a shelf.


As you can see the “boxes” all have strong wire bottoms.


This allows air to flow all around the items that are placed in the racks.  Right now I have two full of onions.


Soon one will be filled with sweet potatoes and one with squash.

I know it’s early in the season but so far, this method is working well.   Being everything is spread out I “caught” a couple onions before they turned bad.

Next year I am planning to plant more potatoes…so maybe, we’ll need another drying rack…with more boxes of course.

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15 thoughts on “The Rack that Hubby Built”

  1. If you store your potatoes on those racks, make sure it is dark or they will turn green. Looks like a great idea for the onions.
    An Idaho farm girl

  2. Your hubby wins the prize! First, a $5 Featherweight, now these sturdy drying trays! If the clothesrack sags from the weight when laden with sweet potatoes, then maybe you can space them with a brick at each corner just sitting on the floor? Vic in NH

  3. ok- i am growing sweet potatoes too- (it’s my first time) how do you know when to dig them??? what do you do with them after??? I’ve heard you need to cure them??? what have you done in the past?? thanks so much for this blog! ALlison

  4. Nice drying rack Jo! I don’t think I would have thought of that idea but it’s brilliant. I do however like something else in your picture. The curtain on your window. Did you make it?

  5. We are line drying our clothes now, and dehydrating vegetables since we don’t have a good place yet for a root cellar. We are going to make one however on our neighbor’s side of the hill. One question – how do you dry your sheets in the winter? We hang them in good weather but they are king and I don’t know how to hang them properly inside this winter.

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