The Quilting Room

Ever since the new cupboard came to the quilting room I have been in just a complete mess.  Since we moved I’ve had about six boxes that just never got put away because honestly, there was nowhere for the things to go.  I knew the cupboard was coming so those boxes just waited and waited.  Well the cupboard came and all those boxes needed to be tackled.

Well that was the thing that got the ball rolling…and rolling and rolling.  So for a month I’ve battled and battled.  I’ve stopped and started so I could complete projects.  I’ve lamented and lamented about how to store everything in the most usable and efficient way.  I’ve called Kelli on the phone day after day saying I think this can go here…but then where should that go?  I think I should do this but then what about that has been the theme for days on end.

I worked on it..I truly did but then I realized that I needed help.

I called Kelli and said, “I need help”.  I know she’s busy so I hate to ask but Kelli came through.  I asked for just an hour or so, but that girl of mine gave me a day.  WOW.  I needed it.

With both of us working and thinking things through it was much easier that doing it alone.  Here’s what we came up with.  I still have more cleaning and organizing to do but what’s left is more cosmetic than deep cleaning…I’m content for now.  Here’s the new cupboard in place.  UFO’s are bottom left.  Things for specific projects are bottom right.  I still need a few more pretty baskets and such to display things.  This is good for now.


Under the quilting machine…My Civil War fabrics are to the far left in the pull out drawers.  I have them sorted by color.  Then I keep a scrap users system for my Civil Wars and jewel toned fabrics, one for brights and modern prints and one for recycled shirts.


In my closet is modern and brights sorted by color.  There are stacks of quilts waiting for homes.  One is charity quilts that need to be shipped out…one is quilts we are hoarding that we’ve designed that aren’t published yet.  The back wall is backing fabric and charity quilt tops in the boxes.  Along the bottom are a couple boxes of strings and a big stack of empty totes.


This is my cutting station.  Straight ahead under the window are a few things I still need to get to.  They need to be sorted out.  Most of it is half square triangles from left over projects.


The quilting room isn’t perfect but at least I can now sew in the room without feeling guilty.   Little by little this house is really becoming a home and getting the last of the boxes out of the room was exactly what I needed…

and I couldn’t have done it without the help of this girl!


She was such a trooper to stick with me through the whole reorganization.  It honestly took the two of us about six hours.  We celebrated by cutting out a new quilt…and even got to sew on it a little bit.

I hope we have many more days of sewing together here.

7 thoughts on “The Quilting Room”

  1. You have a lot of wonderful pieces of furniture and collectables in your sewing room. You have a lot of fabric too! So happy that you have been able to get it more organized. Now time for sewing, quilting and fun.

  2. Your sewing room is looking good with all those wonderful storage areas and big windows. What a blessing to have a daughter who shares an interest in quilting.

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