The Quilt that Got Away….

A bit ago I told you about our Antiques in the Park day in Clear Lake, Iowa and my Drowsy doll…well after we were done at the park, we strolled the shops uptown.  I learned that my favorite shop was no longer in business but I did find a few things that interested me….

Check out this quilt.


I know you can’t see a lot in the picture…but honest, it was WONDERFUL.  It didn’t have a regular batting…maybe just a piece of flannel…more like a summer quilt.  Check out that pieced sashing.  LOVE it!!

I wanted to unfold it and take a full picture of it but we were with friends and they are not real “quilty”.  It was past lunch time and even hubby was thinking more about food than antiquing.  I saw the quilt just as I was leaving the store.  Everyone else had already left and was waiting outside for me and had been waiting for more than five minutes before I saw the quilt….let’s me be honest….they waited for me most of the day.  I am an antique stroller type shopper….not a hit the highlights shopper.

I pulled the quilt out enough to get a close up picture of the block.


Look at the beautiful applique work.  The whole thing was quilted in a “big stitch” fashion.  Oh I loved it.  I don’t know a lot about applique (well nothing really) but it seemed like the flowers were on top of the cloth and the x’s around the edge of the block had the blue fabric underneath the white cloth.  There were definitely two different styles of applique going on….totally wonderful!  It made it took textured.

The quilt was only $65.  I kick myself for not buying it….(I know.  You’re all kicking me too!)

Let me tell you more and maybe you’ll understand.  The friends we were with hadn’t bought a thing. I don’t even think they were tempted.   Hubby and I…we bought my wash tubs that I’m using to pick corn in and some lawn furniture (I’ll tell you about that another day).  We also talked with a local guy about remaking an antique library table into a computer desk for me custom remodeling it to have a drawer mad in it with a drop down for the keyboard.  We also talked with him about redoing a Hoosier cabinet for us….did I say our friends didn’t purchase anything.  It seemed like they were constantly waiting for us.

I was starting to feel like I was being a really excessive in spending compared to them….keep in mind, everything that we bought or discussed were things we’ve been saving for and had talked about for a couple years….still I felt like I was being excessive.  Do you ever feel that way when shopping with friends?

I decided that if I didn’t find anything else, I would come back and get the quilt….I didn’t care if I appeared to be excessive..(Well actually I did care…I was just willing to risk it.)

We got a bit further along and there it was….a walnut plant stand.


It needs a touch of TLC but it was in pretty good shape.  It wasn’t wobbly and it was $39, yes $39.  I told hubby I wanted it.  He went to the counter and asked what was their bottom dollar and the person said $25!!!  I was totally willing to pay the $39.  We bought it.

Here’s a peak at my bedroom dresser….(don’t mind the mess)….


I was so happy to find a walnut plant stand that will look great together with my other furniture.  I plan to use the plant stand as a little night stand to hold my alarm clock and reading glasses.  Our bed also has the same ornate look.  (You can see that here)   We’ve been slowly collecting antique furniture for our room and this plant stand was just the thing we needed.

Back to the original story…Now everyone was feeling even more hungry than before…and now I bought the plant stand making me feel even more excessive…so did I go back and get the quilt?…NO.  Ugh.  I regret it.

The next time I am traveling in that direction, I am going to stop and see if it’s there…I am sure it’s gone but maybe, just maybe, it’s there.  If it is, I don’t care if I do look excessive.  I am buying it! I’m afraid it will always be my quilt that “got away”.

4 thoughts on “The Quilt that Got Away….”

  1. That’s why I’d rather shop alone! I hope it’s still there for you when you go back. I hate when I don’t buy something in an antique shop that I later really wish I’d gotten. I once found this amazing punch bowl and glasses, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before or since. I still wish I’d got that set. I don’t know when I’d use it, but at least I’d have it!

  2. If I see something I like, don’t buy it and then go back for it, it is always gone. It’s also the things I didn’t buy that I regret, never the things I did.

  3. Wonderful quilt and a good price. Might be reverse applique, fabric is layered and then cut through top layer(s) to expose the bottom. Panama Molas are made this way. I am enjoying your blog and am following along with your Crumb Along.

  4. Donna /54DonnaP(Flickr)

    I think we’ve all experienced the “if I don’t buy it now, it probably won’t be there later” syndrome. It doesn’t matter what it is – a quilt, a $5 movie at Walmart (The Lakehouse) :-( Hope it’s there when you go back.

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