The Puppycat Update

Kelli’s beagle Puppycat (yes that is the dog’s name) is ten.  We were all worried how she’d do when Georgia came along.  As they say, “You can’t teach an old dog a new trick”.

Puppycat was around the childcare kids and did fine but we didn’t know how she’d be with Georgia on a daily basis.  Puppycat keeps her distance some but overall, really likes Georgia.

Recently Puppycat had some issues.  She wouldn’t jump up on the couch.  She kind of limped.  She wasn’t herself at all.  It was the weekend and our regular vet didn’t have hours but the vet they use for the cattle did.  That vet ended up giving Puppycat some pain meds.

Puppy didn’t get better…in fact, she gradually got worse and worse. She was at the point she walked around with her tail between her legs, head down and it was obvious she was in pain.

Monday Kelli called into the vet and earliest appointment they could get was the following afternoon.  Here’s what the vet said:She might have an infection, it might be a slipped disc, or it might be something else.  It likely wasn’t a muscle issue as the previous pain medications should have made her feel greatly improved.  So she came home with a bag of medicine–Steroids, antibiotics, and pain pills.  We did an X-ray and she has something a little goofy between her 2nd and 3rd vertebrae.  We are going to give that a go and see how far we get.

So far, things are definitely on the upswing.  She can jump up on the bed and couch by herself without whimpering.  She has also been a bit more active and lively and has resumed her lovely habit of begging for scraps and treats.  We’ve been putting her meds in peanut butter sandwiches and feeding her wet dog food so she isn’t upset about that either I am sure.  She wasn’t happy when we had to put her in the kennel though.  Knowing her and her mischievous nose, she likely injured herself when jumping off of a chair or the table.

So for now, we are giving it a go.  If she declines again after the steroids, we can always bump them up.  Hopefully if she does have the slipped disc, it can scar up a bit so it will be manageable.  If not, we’ll have to do a bit more investigating and see what else we can come up with!  Thanks so much for checking in on her!

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  1. Thank you for the update on Puppycat. I’ve been concerned since you mentioned she was having problems and I really want to hear how she is doing. Our fur babies become such an important part of families.

  2. Going through the same thing with our 13 year old beagle mix. It should get better with meds. Just watch the jumping, that’s what aggravates it. I try to cuddle her and then lift her up or down on the bed. Seems to help. Good Luck Puppycat – we are rooting for you!

  3. Oh no poor Puppycat. We are going through the same with our Pom mix. He is old and tries to jump then hurts himself. Then back to hurting. It no fun getting old. Take care. Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  4. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Beagles are such wonderful dogs. My childhood dog was a Beagle and she lived to be 16 before she had a stroke and had to be put to sleep. So glad Puppycat is feeling better. I hope these meds are the right combo to keep her healthy and happy. As you well know, they are totally driven by their desire for food and keeping their weight down is the best way to keep them healthy. Hard when they give you “those eyes”!!

  5. I love the photos of her! What a great family dog. My 10 yr old Westie hurt her back jumping off the bed. These new beds are so high now. Rest, steroids improved her. Now, I lift her on and off. She waits patiently. So cute! Dogs are so wonderful!

  6. Ten years! I remember when Puppycat was new to the family. I can really see the passing of time in the blogs I follow. I’m glad Puppycat is better and hope it continues.

  7. Kelli, look into buying some steps for Puppycat. My sister bought them for her cat so he can walk up the bed as he is getting too old to jump. She got hers at Walmart and bought another set at Petco.

  8. Our dog had the same thing a few years ago. Steroids, pain meds, and rest did the trick. He is back to his old self now, but it took about 6 months.

  9. How nice of Georgia to share the quilt with Puppycat, or is Puppycat sharing with Georgia?
    Hope Puppycat gets back to being her active self.

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