The Puppy Decision

You all might remember that I’ve been on a bit of a roller coaster trying to decide on adopting a dog…Brieda was the first option and what started my whole quest for a dog friend for my beagle, Rosie.

It turns out that another family had an approved adoption before I did and Brieda went to them.  I was totally okay with that.  I wanted Breida to be where ever it was best for her and I trusted that the family she went to would be good to her.

Then I got a lead on a little puppy that was also at a rescue.  She doesn’t have a name…just known as Maggie’s puppy.

I did apply for the little puppy.  It was quite a while before I heard back from the rescue.  In the meantime, I scoured the rescue’s  Facebook page for anything about Maggie the little puppy’s momma.  I found this picture…

…and this picture.

Still, I didn’t hear from the rescue.  I couldn’t imagine that I wouldn’t be approved.  I was a little frustrated actually.  But, I reminded myself that I wanted what was best for the puppy and if again, that wasn’t me, I would be okay with that.

In the meantime, after having the grandkids here over the previous weekend, and Rosie getting outside with no fencing, I decided to order the in-ground fencing.  Rosie got out a few times but unlike my previous beagles, Rosie runs a half a block away and then comes back home.  But…she only listens to me.  It will be so much easier with in-ground fencing.

I kept thinking about Rosie and a puppy…or even another dog.  What did I want?

I looked at kennels on Amazon.  I looked at a leash with a double hook up.  I looked at dog toys.  Oh, I wished I would hear back from the rescue about Maggie’s Puppy.

Well, last week I finally got an email from the rescue.  They apologized for not getting back to me.  They were happy to say that I was approved and could start scheduling a time to pick up the puppy.  They had another family interested in her but I was first so I had the first chance at getting her.  I just needed to email them and start making arrangements.

YAHOO!!!  I was so happy.  I started looking at the calendar trying to see what I had when and when I could go pick up the puppy.

I ended up not answering the email and “slept on it”.  In the morning, I still didn’t answer the email.  I ended up doing some errands in the morning.  While I was driving back and forth doing the errands, something struck me.

What I wanted more than anything was a really well-behaved dog.  I’d love one that could do a few tricks.  I’d love one that was obedient and trained.  Getting a second dog wouldn’t give me that.  Concentrating on Rosie would and I think the training would stimulate her.

Then I remembered Kalissa telling me about her conversation with Brieda’s rescue.  The lady she talked to said she had a beagle and was a beagle lover.  She said her beagle was so bad that she took the dog to obedience classes.  She said the dog loves it and has gone on participating in obedience contests.  Hmm.  That got me thinking.

Well…if I wanted to put more time into a dog, why not put the extra time into Rosie?  Why not take her to classes?  I’ve always thought the coolest thing was dogs that come into nursing homes and such.  I don’t know that Rosie has the potential for that…but, maybe.  Who knows?  Maybe she would take to it.  She is a super friendly dog.

If nothing else, I’d likely have a more obedient dog.  Rosie will get out and socialize with other dogs and hopefully be a little less anxious.

So…I picked up my phone and called the local dog obedience center and got Rosie and me on the waitlist for obedience classes and I emailed the pet rescue and told them I appreciated the work they did on my behalf but I was going to step back and let the other family adopt Maggie’s Puppy.

This isn’t a “hard no” on getting another dog.  This is a Rosie comes first…and giving her the chance to be all she can be.  And me, possibly getting the dog I always dreamed of.  More to come on this for sure…

A big thanks to everyone who chimed in and shared their experiences with me and thoughts about getting a second dog…or a new puppy.  I really appreciate all of your thoughts.

22 thoughts on “The Puppy Decision”

  1. Sounds like the very best decision and choice at this time, Jo. Good on you for coming to that and doing well with and for Rosie!

  2. i so hope you will enjoy the training process with Rosie as much as we did with our 2 dogs. Interestingly enough there were 2 more at home that eagerly participated in our “homework ” between class times.
    It was nice to find solutions for the quirky things each of the dogs had. Two going to class were the youngest while the other two were older and had chosen to wander into our lives. Congratulations on a happy decision.

  3. I have trained dogs in obedience for over 30 years. It does make them more well behaved and responsive. I also find we bond closer while training. I don’t compete anymore but I still train my dogs as I have adult kids and young grandkids like you. Dogs must be kind!
    Therapy dogs are so wonderful. That is an area I want to explore with my current dog who just turned one :)
    Have a wonderful day!!

  4. Thinking about what is best for your adopted pet leads to the best decisions. I love that you did this. Your intelligent little Rosie will be a good scholar.

  5. I think that was a great choice. I often thought of bringing mine to classes. My house dog does pretty good but has little attitude some times. She gets groomed at the good dog center and her groomer has her dogs trained. Amazing how well behaved they are and seem more content knowing what is expected. So I will be watching your progress. Plus, Once you know how to train one dog you may become more comfortable taking on a puppy in the future or maybe content with one well mannered dog.

  6. Dog obedience schools can be the best thing for a dog – glad you are on the wait list for one.
    I think you did the best thing for taking care of Rosie first. Then, in the future, if it another becomes available, you can get another beagle and take him or her to school. ;-)
    Love and prayers

  7. When we got our new puppy, Ruby, in November, I went to the library checked out a puppy training video by Ian Dunbar. His techniques worked so well, I played it for our grandkids. (In the video, Dunbar offers great suggestions for training in the time before puppies have enough vaccines to safely go to a puppy class.) The kids loved it and worked endlessly with the early techniques, such a making sure, for example, that she sits and lets you touch the metal loop on her collar (so you can hook on the leash) before giving a treat. Whenever they come over, they keep doing it because it’s fun to see she is so responsive. Since, Ruby had completed both a puppy and basic obedience class and starts a heel class in June, well on her way to completing the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. You’ve made a good decision!

  8. I think you made the right decision for now. You can always decide to add to your family later. You will know when the time is right and it would so fun if Rosie becomes a therapy dog, if that happens.

  9. After obedience training if you do later decide to get another dog, Rosie will be even more prepared to help show them the ropes of your household. Education is always a good idea!

  10. Going with your gut feelings is always best! Knowing that puppy already had others that wanted her means that she’s going to a good home. Good luck with the obedience training!

  11. Allison C Bayer

    “Plot twist!” I’m in love with and applaude your decision for doing what is best for you and Rosie. I look forward to this adventure with you!! Hugs of support and love, Allison Bayer in Plano, Texas

  12. I’ll always remember what one trainer told me about my dog,” he listens very well for a beagle”. He really wasn’t listening to me at all but to the treats I had in my pocket. He was very food motivated. My 30 lb. mutt was a star in obedience class. He was focused on me and easily trained. We always said he should have been a circus dog. He easily learned tricks. If he wanted us to throw a ball for him, he had to pick up the ball, give it to us and roll over each time. Don’t be discouraged if you have to take the same basic obedience class more than once. Some dogs learn faster than others.

  13. Wise choice Jo! We have taken all three of our dogs to obedience classes and it it soooo worth it!! Press on and you won’t be disappointed!

  14. I loved reading all this about all the dogs and the owner experiences. I truly believe that each dog is different from any other, at least in my experience with mine. I think the younger they are the more easily trained. I took one truly wild dog that I rescued off the street, all matted and crazy afraid of everything, after being treated by my vet, to training and it didn’t do much for him. They think he was about 4 years old when I rescued him. He never got over biting if he was startled. He was so sweet and loved being close and being petted. I loved him so much. He died at around 8 from cancer. I rescued another off the street after she had been hit by a car. She was about 8 they think. She is now 18 and as stubborn as the day I met her, despite training. We love them all, don’t we? I wish you much fun and good results with Rosy. I love beagles. My son had one who loved me almost as much as she loved him. Thank you so much for your blog. I absolutely look forward to reading it every day!

  15. I’m sure it was hard to resist that puppy face, but ‘Rosie first’ is a good decision, especially with the addition of another grand baby to the family. We will look forward to progress reports when she starts class.

  16. Well done on sorting thru the new puppy to your final decision. On another note I’ve been watching your suggestions for shows. I don’t have Hulu or HBO but the others have been good. The Very English Scandal
    was hard for me to get thru the 1st episode but enjoyed the rest. Now I’m of the last – the Jo on Prime.
    It seems like the foreign made detective shows hole my interest better than American made. Thanks for the suggestions and your also the book reccomends.

  17. Judith M Fairchild

    I think you’ll enjoy classes with Rosie. At least I hope so. I’m also glad you decided what you thought might be best.

  18. Jo, I have a social therapy dog (goes to nursing home, collage, local jail) and the work is very rewarding. Rosie sounds like she would work well being she gets along with all the kids. Good luck with your training and if you have any questions I would be happy to help.
    Lynn (new to your blog)

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