The Princess and the Pea

I was cleaning out some of the archives of unpublished posts and came across this one that I had written at the beginning of summer.  I typically write a few posts and have them in the archives in case life gets busy and I don’t have a post for a particular day.  This was one of the posts written before Gracie passed away.

We still all miss her lots.  The other day at the dollar store I was standing in line waiting to be checked out when suddenly I thought, “Oh I need to get dog bones while I am here.”  I got out of line, walked back a few feet before I thought…Nope, I don’t need dog bones for Gracie.  I still have these little realizations about once a day.  It’s hard but we keep muddling through.  Looking forward to the new puppy helps but new puppy or not, I’ll always miss Gracie.

Here’s the archived post:
I was cleaning up the living room and threw a pile of quilts on the chair.  I got sidetracked (imagine that?!!?) and came back to find my own version of the childhood fairy tale, “The Princess and the Pea”.

Gracie had hopped to the top of the heap and was taking a little nap.  I interrupted it once I clicked the camera.

She’s making great use of my Maverick Star quilt.  That quilt continues to be one of the most used quilts in the house by two footed and four footed creatures!!

11 thoughts on “The Princess and the Pea”

  1. She sure does look comfy on that pile of quilts. Dogs are people in disguise under a bunch of fur! I still think of my favorite cat Bubbles and she has been gone now for almost 5 years.

  2. Thank you for sharing that! Still brings a tear to my eye, but I just love seeing pictures of her on your quilts. Hope the pup will have the same love of quilts! :)

  3. Bobbie BentNeedle

    Jo, my heart hurts with you and smiles with you. On September 28, our beloved boxer, Ginger, suddenly started having trouble breathing – we had to take her to emergency care where she was diagnosed with a cardiac condition with little hope. She was such a joy and had been through so much in her 8 years – without even a whimper (although she hated “the cone of shame” which she had to wear at nite, too often, after surgeries)… And, like you, we could not put her through any more. Like you, our house has been too quiet. Like you, we’ve been looking at others – but either they’ve looked too much like our “perfect” Ginger, or too different. I know that, in God’s time, we will find “The One” – and until then… remember that you are not alone in stepping out of line to buy doggie treats, or getting up at the prescribed time to get bed-time snacks of the doggie variety. I intended to leave a comment about Gracie, but just was too sad the night I read your news to find the right words – and too devastated so soon afterwards to find any words at all. I look forward to seeing your new bundle of canine joy – and watching her grow and learn to be “the princess”.

  4. She was a sweetie. I imagine she’s laying on a quilt right now. Our pug, Sierra, left us three years ago and I still miss her. We have another pug, Biscuit, but she’s not a lovey like Sierra was. But Biscuit has her own endearing mannerisms… as will your new puppy.

  5. We too miss our Beagle. I ran across some photos yesterday and it made me cry and yet I smiled knowing that we were blessed and he was loved. May your memories bring you comfort. Sweet photo and story!

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