The Plant Hospital

I had a plant hospital day…I had a couple that needed help.

I set everything up outside on the back patio.  It was so nice to work on the re-potting outside so I didn’t have to worry about the mess in the house.  I love the back patio.


First up these two got new pots.The fern I really should just throw out.  Kelli gave it to me for Mother’s Day a couple years ago.  I can’t make it live but I can’t completely kill it either.  This is the last effort.  It has the rest of the summer to perk up and then it’s a gone-er.

The other is my Christmas Cactus.  I’m hoping this will take a leap and really thrive with the re-potting.


Next up was my African Violet.  Remember I had just shown you a picture not long ago and it was vibrant and beautiful…well that changed.  I lifted the inner pot to water it and UGH….
…some sort of root rot happened.  I think it got too much water.


I ended up removing almost all of the leaves.  I repotted it and blessed it with a kiss of hope.  I loved this plant…I’m hoping I can salvage it.

I did trim up many of the leaves with the hope of starting some babies.

A few other plants got a refresher.


Everything that needed re-potting is all done.  Now hopefully they will all love their new homes and thrive.  I’m so happy I invited indoor plants back into my life.  I had a really good time playing with them.

Keep your fingers crossed for my pretty pink violet….

3 thoughts on “The Plant Hospital”

  1. Your energy & how you seem to squeeze 36 hrs out of your day amazes me, Jo! In your last picture I think your plants look not only refreshed but much happier already! My Fingers crossed for your pretty pink violet!

  2. I read online to use a mixture of 1 tablespoon of epsom salts disolved in a gallon of water for ferns. My sister says it works, however, I haven’t tried it myself yet.

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