The Pet Scan

I told you that my plan was to try to get a PET scan on Friday.  There were no appointments open but Kayla and I decided that we would go and I would be what they refer to as a “checker”.  Checkers go to the desk where the procedure happens and then they wait with the hope that somehow an appointment would open up.

One of the reasons I really wanted to try for Friday to get in was this…the childcare kiddos are all sick.  Well as far as I know, I have two families that have escaped the stomach flu.  This flu has been so contagious that it has wiped out the kindergarten classroom at our local school.  One day the week before so many kids had it that there were only three kids left at school that didn’t have it.  They ended up cancelling kindergarten for the next day of school.

I have school aged kids that come before and after school and I was trying to avoid having it sneak into childcare.  So I was already closed Thursday so I could go to the doctor…closing Friday, might keep the flu away from our house and I was going to have to close either Friday or Tuesday anyway.  So we decided that it was a smart move to try for Friday.

We were up early and left here at about 5:30am.  We were at the desk and checking in at 7:50am.  We were told the day before that they start seeing patients at 8am on Fridays so we thought that would be a good time to come.  DARN.  There were TWO other people there in front of me as checkers.  Oh no!!  It was then that we decided the plan might not work.  UGH.

Kayla and I had plenty to do with…Me cross stitching…Kayla designing quilts and looking for houses for sale.  We tried to inconspicuously listen to the other people in the waiting room to try to figure out who else was checkers.

Eventually we figured out the people in the corner were checkers and at about 9am they got called to the desk and were told that an opening came and they would be called back soon.  YAHOO!!

What we didn’t know is if they were checkers #1 or checkers #2.  So we listened some more…at about 10am some people that were sitting next to us were called up to the desk.  It turns out they were checkers too.  I didn’t know if they were PET scan checkers or checkers for something else.  I decided to get brave.  I went over and asked.  They were PET scan checkers.  YAHOO.  They were told they would be called by 11am.

Okay.  This was more promising.  At 10:45am I heard someone was checking in at the desk for their appointment.  The lady at the desk had been asking everyone if they had fasted.  This person said that they hadn’t.  They had tea that morning.  Hmmm.  She ended up taking the person back and someone was talking to them.  I didn’t think anything of it.

Five minutes later I got called to the desk and was told that I would be going back for the scan soon.  YAHOO!!  I was getting in.  (Seriously, who gets excited to get a PET scan…I guess I do.)

So I got taken back.  I’m guessing most of you haven’t had one done…so I’ll tell you a bit about it.

Patients go back..
I was given an IV of a sugary substance.  Then I signed a consent form.

My tech was talking to me and asked me if I had fasted.  I said yes.  I followed the rules carefully as I didn’t want to screw up and not get in.  He said, “Ya, you’re lucky.  The person before you didn’t follow the rules and ate”.  Oh my…that must have been the person I overhead who had tea that morning.  I feel bad for them but I was happy for me.

Then I had to recline in a recliner with the lights out and try to rest.  No activity whatsoever…no phone…no magazine…no nothing.  While I was resting the sugary substance attaches itself to any cancer cells-if there are cancer cells.  I laid there for almost an hour.

While I was waiting, next door a tech was talking to a patient.  They said Mayo Clinic in Rochester does about 80-90 scans a day Monday through Thursday.  On Friday they only do 30-40 scans.  Oh my.  I was lucky I got in.

From there I waited for five minutes and was then called to the scanner.

I laid in the scanner.  I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of them.  I was in first for a neck to knee scan and then for a neck to top of the skull scan.  Total time was about 50 minutes.

It’s not painful at all….It is a little mind boggling to lay fairly still and just lay there.  For me, it is always a little too much thinking time.  I didn’t know what I’m suppose to hope for…Do I hope they find cancer so we can finally locate where it is?  Do I hope they can’t find cancer and I continue to do these tests?

I don’t know.

I know no results.  I’m hoping the doctor will call with them on Monday.  Until then I’m trying to not think about it a lot.  I have a life to live…things to do and people to be with.

As always…I’ll let you know more when I know more.  Thanks so much for the warm wishes, happy thoughts and prayers that are happening on behalf of the Kramer house.

…and an update on the flu.  Carver got it as did three others of my childcare kiddos.  UGH.  Hopefully I did the right thing and it stays away from our house.  I’m hoping they don’t pick up any new bugs when they meet with family and friends over the weekend.

16 thoughts on “The Pet Scan”

  1. Mary Ann Mettler

    Thanks for the info – you are super to fill us in on your day. I am so glad you got in and will pray for the very best results.

  2. Prayers for your entire family. The info you share helps me understand what others are going through. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing. It can’t be easy to relive it as you write it but many of us do appreciate it too. Prayers for you and and Kramer. Happy Easter to you and your family.

  4. So glad you got in, here’s to helpful results. Smart call on closing childcare that day, too. No one at your house needs any added sickness. Ugh! Happy (healthy) Easter!

  5. First..happy dance that you got in yesterday! But also prayers for over the weekend as you wait for results. Also prayers that the flu bug stays away from your house.

  6. I hope you get some results with the pet scan. As for the flu, both my grandkids had it and their entire house, mom, grandma and grandpa, all got it. I told them they cannot come to my house as my husband has CLL with a compressed immune system. Well, they ended up visiting a couple of days after their mother thought they were done with it and my son was laid up for 2 days with it. That was Tues and Wed this past week. So far neither hubby nor I have it. Fingers crossed!
    I hope you and Kramer are doing well. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Safe travels.

  7. Jo, Happy Easter to you and your lovely family. Fingers crossed re the Pet scan…luv and hugs from across the pond..Moy in Wales UK and my quilt group Welsh Heritage Quilters

  8. From what I understand if there is cancer, the PET scan will locate it. I am a firm believer in being proactive about healthcare. Praying you receive good news! Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, it empties today of its strength (Corrie TenBoom).

  9. Sandra Davidson

    Jo I am so sorry more stress for all of your stress you just keep on getting knocks. My Mom use to always say that famous quote about “ God won’t give us more then we can handle” but sometimes I just wonder.
    Please know I am praying for you and family. Hugs and blessings Sandra

  10. Sandra Davidson

    Jo I am so sorry all of your stress you just keep on getting knocks. My Mom use to always say that famous quote about “ God won’t give us more then we can handle” but sometimes I just wonder.
    Please know I am praying for you and family. Hugs and blessings Sandra

  11. “I have a life to live…things to do and people to be with.” What a wise attitude you have, Jo. A other bit of real insight and wisdom from you. So good to read your blog! Enjoy this weekend with your family.

  12. Jo, so happy you got in for the PET. The sitting quietly after you get the radioactive sugar is the longest hour to wait. Although where I go they have a really comfy recliner. Then table time don’t move and that is when I have an itch. Never fails. I get those PET’s every 8-10 weeks. The mind really plays tricks as you lay on the table. Positive thoughts coming to you on the results.

    Praying you guys don’t get the bugs. Hope Carver gets over the flu quick and doesn’t pass it on to Gannon or Mom & Dad. You and Roger really don’t need that on top of your other problems right now.

    Take care. Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

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