The Nurse Patient

**Before today’s post-Betty who won the heart quilt top that was pieced so tiny please email me at  I’ve tried to contact you and the email comes back as undeliverable. I need to contact you to get your piece to you.**

Kelli had her surgery yesterday morning.  Her husband Jason brought her in to the hospital and I took the day off and popped in pick her up and take her to my house.  Jason is busy in the field farming and Kelli thought I might be a little bit more of sympathetic ear..and better cook so she came to hang out with me vs an absent farmer.  ‘Tis the life of farm women….We band to together and help out when farm duty calls.

Kelli hasn’t been the best patient.  She insists is doesn’t hurt so why does she have to have her foot up….

Yesterday she got out of surgery sooner than expected so I didn’t get a chance to get groceries….she needed a couple things too so she talked me into going to the grocery store…then mid shopping she said “Mom do you have a scissor”….Yep, she had on her hospital bracelet.  So in the middle of the grocery store with the mini scissor from my purse, she cut off her hospital bracelet.

From there she was insistent that we drive out to Seed Savers so I could get the Mortgage Lifter tomato that Connie and Dave had recommended.

I grabbed one and then back to the car we went….Immediately.

See she is a terrible patient.

Then we had to go to her house to get her dog and overnight bag….We picked up take out on the way home as we were WAY past lunch time.

FINALLY I got her here in the chair with her foot up…..

We ended up watching the Great American Read from PBS and stitched.  But more on the Great American read for another post.  I just wanted to stop in and say, she’s okay.  She had a weight baring “shoe”.  So far, no real pain.  We’re hoping it stays that way.

5 thoughts on “The Nurse Patient”

  1. I’ve been told that doctors make terrible patients also, lol. Glad the surgery is done and she finally put her foot up.

  2. Happy the surgery is done. Kelli, keep your foot up so it won’t swell. That would be really uncomfortable. Enjoy the down time!

  3. Perhaps it might be a case of like mother like daughter?? I know it is quite prevalent in our family.

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