The Next Step Towards the Door…and giveaway winners

It seams like just a short while ago, my youngest daughter buckled up in the car and drove off for the very first time.

Well today it’s the next step…off to “real job”.


It’s not her first job.  She has babysat, picked rock, waitressed and catered.   All of these were sporadic or seasonal.  Now she is off to work in the Nursing Home as a CNA.  She is so excited.  She has always loved older people so I think she’s going to be great at it.

Kalissa is just 16 and has plans in the medical field beyond being CNA.  For now, it’s a start and a pretty good job for a gal who will need to work her way through college.

When she was little and we would be out shopping.  Many of the businesses had benches right near the check out stands.  Often there would be a elderly person sitting on the bench.  I would pick the checkout right next to the bench and tell her she could go sit with the lady or gentleman.  I was always close…I couldn’t always hear what they were talking about but I could always see the smile on both of their faces.

Today is her first day on the job….and as happy as I am for her, it’s a little sad for me because she is just one step closer to heading out the door.

…and now for yesterday’s giveaway winners…

The winner of the farm set is….Marcia

The winner of the Sunbonnet Sue set is….Ruby

I’ve been busy digging and cleaning more so I’m sure there will be a giveaway next week too.

9 thoughts on “The Next Step Towards the Door…and giveaway winners”

  1. Jo can I ask you where you got the Sunbonnet Sue? I really do like her enough to try to buy it!!
    Congrats to both winners.

  2. I’m so excited that I won. Thank you so much. When I get back to my own computer at home, will send my snail mail address.
    Congratulations to Kalissa for her accomplishments.

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