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A little bit ago I had told you that I was ready to get started on a new quilt and was going to cut into this..Rambling Rose from Moda.

It was a quilt both Kelli and I had a little fight over.  We both wanted to sew it…I won!!

Well last time Kelli was home she said, “Mom, can I at least pet the fabric?”  Well this was her way of trying to get the quilt away from me.  I said no…then she said, “I’ll cut it out for you.”  Then I quickly said, “YES!!”  I don’t hate cutting out quilts but I can honestly say I’d rather do about anything else….Kelli, she loves cutting out quilts.  She loves all the organizing and fabric petting and putting things in piles and not so much.  So when she offered to cut it out for me, no way was I going to turn her down.

Then she started taunting me saying look…I have your jelly rolls…


Then she said..”Look mom, I am doing the fun part…I am opening your jelly rolls.”


Then she said, “I get to see all the fabrics first..I get to pet them first.”  –  Yes I know she’s a little crazy.  She gets it from me.


The she was finally counting and organizing…something she loves and she quit taunting me.

So any bets on at whose house the fabric is at..Kelli’s or mine??

The answer…MINE.  She could taunt me all she wanted…this fabric is staying at my house because I am sewing this quilt.  No taunting by Kelli is going to stop me…and she can’t trick me out of it either.

So what’s your least part of making a quilt…honestly,  if I don’t count writing a pattern, it’s cutting the quilt out for me.  For Kelli, she says putting on the borders and piecing the backing are the least favorite for her.  It’s lucky for us that each of us like opposite parts of the process.  Rarely is a quilt only done by me or only by her…  Watch for more progress on this quilt soon-I hope…otherwise Kelli will be back and trying to snitch this fabric from me again.

15 thoughts on “The Next Quilt”

  1. Cutting is the part I like the least. I wish I could make like Samantha Stevens and wiggle my nose and it would be done. I have only sandwiched one quilt with extreme help and have never quilted one, but I still think cutting will always be my burden to bear.

  2. I don’t like quilting although I keep trying to improve on it. Looks like you and Kelli have a fun time working together and that’s wonderful!

  3. I love to cut out. My table is even a regular table and with the ergonomic cutter it is a breeze. Sometimes I will spend a few days cutting out charity quilt kits. Love to see the bags waiting to be made into a quilt. Counting I dont do so well even though I was once an accountant. I always seen to have a couple more or a couple too few. Oh well.

    I love sewing blocks together but not rows for some reason.

    Quilting I dont like at all. I cannot visualize the final product.

  4. So lucky you are to have such a great relationship with your daughter. And, you share a love of quilting. Thanks for a fun blog that I can start my day with.

  5. oh, I SO wish I had a daughter to quilt with! You are so lucky!!! I have two boys. Love them more than anything though :)
    I don’t mind cutting out the material terribly bad – my least favorite part is basting! (I don’t have a longarm). Binding is not much fun, but it’s terribly exciting since it’s the last thing to do. I do like to cut all my material out at once and get everything ready to go – so when it’s time for sewing, I can sew and sew! I just got happy mail from Moda for my next MBS project on Monday – I have all my strip sets pieced, now onto pressing and subcutting today!
    Can’t wait to see what you make with these lovely jelly rolls! My favorite precut for sure!

  6. My least favorite part of quilting is everything after completing the top. Sewing the backing, basting, quilting, squaring, and binding. Binding isn’t as bad since I discovered machine binding, but the rest still isn’t great. I am hoping to try out “quilting by check” next, so we’ll see how that goes.

  7. My Mother & I used to cut projects out together. She’d cut, I’d read measurements, count & stack the parts and check off on the pattern that it was done. She has been gone for 5 years now, and while I can do the jobs myself, it’s not the same. I miss her terribly, but at those times even more. I liked having a partner in crime! Enjoy it, it’s some of the best times in life.

  8. I can only SID right now which I don’t mind but it’s the puddling & fighting to get the quilt through the harp (I’m making queen sized for all 6 kids) on my Janome 6600 so 9″ harp.

  9. I love the fabric Rambling Rose and thinking about ordering the fat quarters. I don’t know what pattern I will use but at least I can pet the fabric and Ruby is going to look good posing on that quilt.

  10. I pretty much don’t like much after making the quilt top. Basting, quilting (on my machine which has so many issues!) and binding. I love having a finished project but I procrastinate a lot after finishing the top. I have 4 quilts I have to finish right now. I think with a machine that worked well all the time I may like some of the other steps!

  11. Anything to do with borders is the least liked part for me. I don’t like sewing on binding but can convince myself that the quilt is nearly done and I do enjoy hand sewing the binding to the quilt back while in front of the tv in the evening. To overcome my dislike of cutting I tried “cutting Mondays” and that has worked fairly well for me. On Mondays I do all the cutting I can for the project(s) for the week and then the rest of the week I’m sewing!

  12. I hate basting a quilt – such a chore! Not as much fun as making a quilt top. Maybe that’s why I’m queen of the quilt tops with so many waiting to be quilted. I need to get my mind set to how satisfying it is when you actually finish a quilt :)

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