The News From Wednesday

The Gan-man (yes we call him that a lot) made it home today.

Carver was so happy to see him.  Here is a picture of the two of them….
Bahahaha…I love Gannon’s expression.  Carver just adores him.  So many people complain that kids react when a new sibling comes home.  For the most part, Carver has been his same goofy self.

Gannon is a changed man with the formula.   I can’t believe the difference.  We do notice that he seems hungry more often though.

Thanks to everyone who wrote suggestions, advice and comments concerning Gannon, Kalissa and his not tolerating breast milk.  We have read through so many of them and plan to read and go through them more thoroughly now that Gannon is doing better.  What a scare!!

Kramer had a rough day yesterday.  We’ve learned that day two after chemo is a rough day.  He initially felt good when he woke up but by 7:30am, he was feeling worse and worse.  Before long he was in the chair and asking about nausea meds.  He called off going to work and spent most of the morning in the chair.  He ate a little for lunch as the doctors had told him to eat even if he feels nauseous.

A friend of ours drove him to radiation and when he got here Kramer was napping.  It’s been over a week since he’s napped.  Wednesday he napped every chance he had….even sleeping through supper.  He woke just as the rest of us had finished then got up and ate.

A friend had stopped over with a card and she said she figured Kramer was doing good as her husband had seen him going out to work and had seen him driving.  He’s doing okay….far from normal life and it’s all day by day…and actually hour by hour.  He might get out to work and work for three hours but then he’s home and in the chair for 4 hours.  He is so tired of being home and bored that he saves all his energy, goes out and then comes home to crash.  He’s fighting hard for a little normalcy.

All in all the good of Gannon getting home outweighed the bad of Kramer not feeling the best.  Today’s a new day and we’re hoping for a little less nausea.

Speaking of normalcy..I made pie.  The kitchen was a mess. I had a thousand other things I should be doing but I was sick of it all and wanted to do something fun….for me that was baking pies.

These happen to be two apple pies…YUM.  It’s amazing how some crappy dried up apples can turn into something good.

I’m hoping and praying some of the other things around here that are a little bit crappy will turn into other good things.  I promised myself through all of this I would keep looking for the good.  Happily I’ve been able to always find something…today, it was Gannon, PIE and a visit from a friend.  Thanks for stopping by.  It means so much to me.

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  1. My husband had radiation and chemo. We found keeping a diary of how he felt each day really helped. He would complain he did not feel very good on a certain day,get worried he was worse. we could go back in the diary and find out he felt the same way that day after chemo, We could deal with the “not feeling good ” as it was “normal” for that time in the chemo schedule. also try to eat even with nausea. It helps getting the digestive system going the “right” direction. hang in there. It is tough. Prayers.

  2. The best news is that Gannon came home! And that he feels SO much better! Glad Kramer’s days aren’t completely awful…that some are ok and he can work a little bit on some days. He looks like a “real man” in his work clothes (always ready to work)….It must be so hard to see him not feeling well. Hopefully all this will be worth it when you look back and see how much it helped him. Did Kramer eat any pie? They are beautiful! I honestly didn’t know you could use “old” apples in pie!! Carver must be so happy to have his baby brother home again….and his parents! I know they will be glad to be home and get back to a normal life again. So thankful!

  3. Your husband is a big man and may need a stronger dose of anti-nausea medicine for the second day after chemo. I’ve been on oral chemo for the past 6 months and am now taking double the dose of Zofran that my doctor first prescribed. Of course, check with his doctor, but there is no need to suffer unnecessarily.

    Things sound better at your house than they did last week. I hope they continue to improve!

  4. When my grandson was battling leukemia we lived by the motto of don’t look backwards(can’t do anything about yesterday), don’t look forwards(don’t borrow trouble), live in the moment and find the joy in each day (there’s always something good if you look for it). It helped us get through some really awful stuff one moment at a time. Hang in there Kramer family…you will get to the other side!

  5. Lori Sparks Douglas

    So glad baby Gannon is home! Does Roger get anti nausea meds before chemo in his IV ? I did and it helped. I also would take a pill on day 2. I get nauseous with anesthesia! Downside I had to take meds for constipation later on. Ginger ale and pretzels helped during chemo…keep something in your stomach. Hopefully something might help him out. He will figure out how his body reacts and what days will be more of a laid back day. My 3rd day was chemo brain day but I would start to feel better then. You both will get through this. Our church is praying for you all!

  6. So glad that Gannon is doing better. Can Kalissa find an online support group of other mothers who have babies with the same problem? They might be able to give her some support and have some good suggestions.

  7. Your pies make my mouth water! My grandson looked so much better when he was put on Zantac and went to the chiropractor! So, I know what you mean about looking better! That picture of Gannon being held by Carver is just too funny! Sorry Kramer is not feeling great! Take care!

  8. Yeah, Gannon is back home. Such great news! Sorry hubby isn’t feeling well. Hopefully it won’t last long.

  9. When my good friend was doing chemo ( real strong) on the second day she was like a wet dishrag. It was pitiful. after that she would gradually get better through the week. I’m glad Kramer is trying to get out when he can.

  10. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Margaret’s suggestion is awesome! Helps you all know what to expect as you are greeting each new day as well as providing a record for his doctors…remembering what happened when is always a struggle when so many things are going on! So glad Gannon is home…that is a relief to everyone!

  11. I know chemo is different for each person. For me, one of the best things to eat was “cold” fruit pie out of the refrigerator. Your picture reminded me of that.

  12. A friend’s granddaughter had the same thing as Gannon and caused by what the DIL was eating. What made it really bad was the DIL is vegetarian so taking away all dairy that she ate was a major thing. She went with formula and Noelle was back to her happy little self.

  13. What a relief for you (and his family) that baby Gannon is home. Your making the pies for normalcy reminds one that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Hoping that Kramer’s good days will soon outnumber the not so good ones.

  14. Those are beautiful pies! My mouth is watering just looking at them! It’s nice to hear the good news about Gannon and to have them all back home from the hospital!
    Today I made good soup from homemade broth made with two crappy frozen chicken carcasses and leftover veggie bits! I like to have a bag in the freezer for things like mushroom stems, split baby carrots, celery that’s a bit limp, and that outer layer of the onion that isn’t brown but is still kind of tough, etc. When the bag is full I throw all of it in with chicken bones, boil for an hour, and strain. It’s the best homemade broth and so frugal!

  15. What great news about Gannon being home. And process being made. Kramer is a trooper even though he gets tired he stills makes it happen one day, one hour at a time. Jo you are amazing as your whole family. Will continue pray.

  16. My husband found that the second day after chemo he did nothing but sleep. When the nurses administer the chemo, they include medicines that will help counteract the side effects. But by the second day, those meds have worn off. Knowing what to expect helped us plan our week. My husband also learned to take the anti nausea medicine at the first sign of nausea—don’t wait too long. Hugs and prayers!

  17. Penny Holliday

    I’m so glad that Gannon is home now & feeling better! I like Kramers attitude & hope he has better days! Keeping you in my prayers & sending hugs to the Kramers!

  18. Congrats! on bringing that baby back home. I know it’s not ideal or what Mom had in mind, but formula instead of nursing is NOT the end of the world… especially if it makes Gannon feel better!! Sorry to hear that hubby had a rough day. Hoping tomorrow is better!

  19. So happy to hear there is progress on the Gannon front. That picture of Carver with him, is too cute.

    Here’s to better days soon for Kramer, too. When the weather is nice enough (we’re just getting close here), he might feel better sitting outside for even a short while. It’s tough to become an indoor person when you’re used to being outside all the time. Sometimes it’s the little things that lift our spirits when it feels like things are lousy.

  20. Great to hear that Gannon is home and doing better! Sorry to hear about Kramer’s nausea issues. When my son was going through chemo, after his first round he waited until he felt nauseous and then took his anti-nausea meds and really it was too late by then. It would take several days to get it all worked out. After the second round he started taking them before he felt bad and that did the trick. He would take them for a few days and then didn’t need them. He was sent home with three different meds with the direction to try the first and if it didn’t work then go to the second, then third. The third one mainly made him sleepy and they told him it was okay to add that at night. They even said he could do the first and stagger the second. After his third round he did the same thing and it worked well too. If one medication doesn’t work, ask for something else. They have a number that can be used and something should do the trick.

  21. I had chemo and radiation and like Kramer the second day was the day I always crashed it’s awful I so feel for him xxx

  22. So glad Gannon is home and doing better! The picture of him and Carver is priceless! Chemo is a bear. I know everyone is different with chemo. My sister never once had nausea but diarrhea instead! Some weeks she was in bed three days out of the week! I use to work with a gal who came in every morning and worked and did chemo in the afternoon. I don’t remember her ever missing a day. Still praying for your family.

  23. So happy to hear Gannon is home and doing better. What a wonderful uplift for your spirits!
    I’m sorry hubby isn’t doing well with the after effects of the chemo but something tells me he’s the type to push thru with an inkling of feeling better.
    Continuing to keep your families in prayer.
    Love seeing the charity quilts!

  24. So glad Gannon is home and feeling better and healing thoughts for your husband. Making pies seems like a good thing to me.

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