The Newest at the House

Well I have a couple pictured to show you but there isn’t a lot of change that you can see…there is some info that you’ll have to read though.

Here is the front of the house.  You can see that the peak on the garage roof is up.  The peak is suppose to mimic the peak on the porch tying the design together.


The carpenters were planning on shingling the front half of the garage but that didn’t happen because of the rain.   There were at the house though.  They spent time working on the upstairs getting the rooms framed in.

My picture of the back of the house is fuzzy…Sorry.  I didn’t realize it was like that until I was home.  The back of the garage is shingled.

Several people were concerned with how the single story part of the addition would come together.  You can see that in the picture.


Friday our electrician stopped by.  I was VERY surprised to see him.  We went through the house plan and started talking about the electricity-figuring where plug ins would go and if I wanted anything special.

Before he left I asked what the chances were that he’d be coming soon…he said they would be there next week.  WOW!!!  I was so EXCITED!!  I was worried that we’d be waiting for them but so far it looks good.

Around here our electricians do a lot of farm electrical work too….so, that means we really have to hope that things go smoothly for the farmers and that the electricians aren’t called away from the house to work on farm related electrical emergencies.

I went in to see the house progress Monday night.  The carpenters were still there.  I asked if the electricians were there..I was told no but to expect them on Wednesday.  I am so-so excited!!  ..and now I am getting nervous.  I have LOTS of work to do before we move…and I am starting to believe that I actually will be moving.

6 thoughts on “The Newest at the House”

  1. Judy D in upstate NY

    Your new house is really taking shape! You all must be so excited! I love seeing the progress that you are making and can’t wait to see the finished house.

  2. Cindy Wienstroer

    Nice to see the house coming together – I have only remodeled never added additions. I also wanted to thank you for the great ‘pumpkin’ desert using squash. I made it using both squash & pumpkin mixed together, honey instead of sugar, almonds not walnuts and my husband loves it! We add chocolate chips not ice cream and it is great heated up. Also from a friend at work received a chocolate pumpkin (squash) loaf recipe and it also is very good!! Thanks for sharing. Cindy

  3. Hubby and I remodeled our house in 1996. We have a friend who worked for an electrical supply company. When he looked over the plans, he started adding outlets everywhere, especially under the windows in the front of the house. He said, you may need these for Christmas decorations. It was a good tip. Also, when I built my quilt studio, I had the electrician put the outlet for my long arm in the floor. It’s wonderful to walk all the way around it and not have to worry about tripping over cords.

  4. Jo, one great suggestion I have on electric, in the sewing room have them put some of the plug in outlets up high, above an ironing board, above a counter,/sewing table. Very handy!

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