The Newest Addition to the Family

On Wednesday the Friedman Family added to the Kramer family.  Kalissa, our daughter, and her husband Craig delivered a bouncing new little boy into the world.

I maybe shouldn’t say bouncing as he so far is the most chill little baby ever.  I got to go meet him on Thursday.

I was on Grandma duty and took care of Carver and Gannon, their other two boys while Kalissa and Craig bonded with their new little guy.

So what’s his name??…
Anders Allen Friedman.
Anders is my grandpa’s name.  He came from Sweden in the early 1800s.  There his name was Anders Iver Johnson.  When he got to the United States, it was customary to Americanize names so it was changed to Andrew Iver Johnson.

His middle name is Allen.  That was my husband’s middle name.  It is also our son Karl’s middle name.

So…he is named after some really great strong men…and has Craig for a dad (another strong man) to raise him.  He should be set.

More than anything, I am sure these two brothers of his, Carver and Gannon, will toughen him up.

I’m sure somewhere along the way he will pick up a nickname.  All the kids around here have them.  I asked Kalissa if she was going to call him Andy.  She said we’ll just let him grow into a nickname.

You all might remember that I have a little tree with charms on it, one for each of my grandkids.  Julie from Me and My Stitches makes the little charms for me.

Well, it’s time for a new charm.  Kelli suggested a charm with an “X” to represent the roman numeral 10 as Anders is the 10th grandchild.  I talked to Julie and she suggest one like the one with the clover on it only with an “X” in the middle instead.  So we’re hunting for “X” fabric.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

I sure do love this little crew of boys.  They totally have my heart.  I’m so thankful to be a big part of their lives.

I can’t wait to spend some time with Anders and get to know him.  Kalissa said he’s not even cried….won’t take a pacifier…eats like a champ and the first night he slept for 4 hours in one big chunk.

We all have our fingers crossed that he continues to be a chill little dude.

Welcome to the Kramer family little Anders.  We love you so much already!!



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  1. Oh how precious!! Such a beautiful little family. I got a kick out of the look on Carver’s face in one of the pictures. Such a blessing to have ten precious little grands, Enjoy!

  2. Congratulations to all the family on your new addition of little Anders our last grandson was also chill so chilled out he didn’t cry at his birth and had his parents worried.he can cry when he wants to now though. But first day of daycare at 7 months didn’t want to go home with mum at the end of the you said some are real chill kids.he is so different to his brother.I am unfortunately too far away 1000of miles to see them as often as I would like to.but that is life.

  3. Congratulations to your whole family. It’s so wonderful when all goes well. So happy for the little one born to a wonderful family.

  4. I got into genealogy about 5 years ago and LOVE the history of this little guy’s name and family. Happy for them that all is well…….

  5. Carmen Montmarquet

    Congratulations to you Grandma and to Mom and Dad! How wonderful to welcome a new little grandson! Sure hope he stays as chill as he is! Can’t wait to see more of Anders and the rest of the Kramer clan!!!

  6. Congratulations to you all. Another sweet little grand child Jo. I love your tree of charms. Such a cute idea. How about possibly cross stitching a little x for Ander’s charm and having Julie use that. I’m sure that whatever you decide will be perfect.

  7. Susan the Farm Quilter

    My grandfather’s name as well!! He came from Sweden in the early 1900’s! So nice to have a chill baby when you have 2 other littles running around! Just what was needed for the new addition to the clan! Congratulations!!!

  8. Congratulations, Jo!! Anders is a perfect name. Plus it rolls off the tongue so easy that it may be a name that needs no nickname.

  9. Congratulations, Jo! So much love and joy. He is darling. God bless you and your growing and thriving family! It is so much fun to be a grandam. I have 13 grands ranging from 2 yrs to 24 yrs old. So many quilts to be made. I am so happy for you!

  10. Congratulations to all of you – so wonderful!!! Great name and I’m sure a nickname will come at some point… thanks for sharing!

  11. Congratulations! I love the name and the history behind it! Wondering if you might consider cross stitching an x onto fabric. That way you could choose the color and font!

  12. Adding my congratulations and well wishes to Kalissa and family. The Kramer grandchildren are so fortunate to have Grandma Kramer in their lives!

  13. Congratulations to Kalissa and family and grandma. Another baby to snuggle and love. Looks like you and the boys were able to visit the baby at the hospital. What fun. Our newest grandson was born 9-10 and only my son was allowed in the hospital. No grandparents or the baby’s siblings could visit.

  14. Congratulations to your family! What sweet photos, those two boys are mesmerized with Baby Anders Allen!! He’s joining a wonderful family!!

  15. Congrats to the entire family.So blessed to have a new addition to your family. I have 3 boys and have to say it is so much fun raising boys. The house was never quiet and the boys never just walked down the sidewalk, they propelled themselves through space. Loved every minute!

  16. Marsha from Kansas

    Congratulations! The last picture is priceless and pretty much says it all. A photo to cherish the memory along with your family. Many more family memories to be made.

  17. Huge welcome to Anders. Anders, you have a loving and creating family. Enjoy them to the fullest and share yourself with them! SUCH GREAT NEWS!!!

  18. I’m so excited for you all. What a sweet addition to the family! How precious each of those 10 grandchildren are. He’s in good hands with his family.

    Hugs all around and congratulations!

  19. Lovely news! Congratulations Jo, and congratulations to Kalissa and Craig. Seeing the photos with Carver and Gannon, you forget how tiny they are when they’re born! Love to all xx

  20. How awesome to have a new little boy join the family! The girls are getting outnumbered!

    For the “X” – I have some Blackbird fabric with the alphabet on it. I’m not home right now (on Grandma duty in Solon this weekend) but do you want me to check when I get home to see if an X on that is large enough? What size do you need it to be? I thought it would be cool to tie in your love of stitching to your new little love – Anders.

    Text me later today if you want me to check.

    Give the baby some snuggles for me!


  21. Congratulations on the new little one! Blessings to him and family. I am waiting for new grandbaby due in October right around my birthday. He will be grandbaby # 18 for me and will have 5 big brothers.

  22. Teresa From Port Coquitlam, BC

    Congratulations to you and your family. I have a blue fabric with either plus signs or an x depending on how you turn it. I could mail you a piece. Just need to know how big it should be to be sure to be usable.

  23. Congratulations to the entire family. Anders is so sweet and tiny! My daughter has three boys, but they are grown up now. The youngest boy is a senior in high school, the middle one is in college and the oldest is in the Army studying communications. It’s been such a joy watching them grow and becoming young men. Kallissa will have her hands full for a long time! LOL. Enjoy them all they grow up so fast.

  24. Happy news. Anders is so cute. Content to sleep while his brothers are admiring him. Love the looks on their faces. Those two older brothers are ready to help him. Grandma Jo is beaming too. Congratulations to all.

  25. Anders is a beautiful name on its own. I wouldn’t call him Andy, but that’s me. Congratulations! I’ve known for a few days as I saw their post of FB.

  26. Congratulations Grandma for number 10! Anders, welcome to the World of Kramers. You are so blessed! Enjoy all those little cuddles .

  27. Congratulations to the whole Kramer family! how wonderful to make it 10 sweet grandchildren for you Jo, Kramer would be bursting with joy. The look on Carver and Gannon’s face is priceless and they are going to give that Anders some wonderful memories as brothers. Maybe you could stitch an X and send it to make your new charm, just a thought. I checked my fabric and nope, nothing to be found.

  28. Yay! you get to have another little one to hold and snuggle with! How precious it is to have so many grandchildren all living so close to you. You are blessed and you have darling grandchildren besides! Those boys will be busy keeping little brother out of their stuff soon enough. :-) Carver has become such a young man now. Even Gannon looks so much bigger now! Many congratulations and may Anders be a blessing to you all. Hugs all around. K-

  29. Jo, We were gone for a long week end. Congratulations to everyone!! Glad Kalissa and Anders are both ok.
    It is a great feeling to have another grandchild.

  30. Congratulations on a new little one! Grandkids are such a joy!

    I am not receiving your blog due to the fact that my AOL says it is an unsecured website. I have been getting the blogs for years but not now. The help at AOL tell me they need your email address to check this out. Is this something that you can provide me. I am so confused on what to do as I have never had this problem before. Thanks Jo


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