The New Kind of Harvest

Sunday, Roger, Kalissa, Craig, & I worked on getting some flooring for the house. Of course we don’t do it the typical way like going to Menards or Home Depot and simply purchasing it. We find a neighbor who has an old house and go tear flooring out there.


We are so fortunate to have a friend that has a house that he plans to tear down this summer and that the floor in the house is exactly what we need. It is a lot of work removing the floorboards then pulling the nails but it’s so worth it.


The boards are in good shape. Dirty but easy enough to clean. We removed the boards from one smaller bedroom that was about 10 by 10 feet. We also got another 10 by 10 foot room halfway finished. There is one more huge room upstairs that we need to remove the flooring from and then we’ll move to the downstairs.

We have a system that works fairly well and we can accomplish a lot in a short time. It is mine and Kalissa’s job to remove the nails and the nails are coming out easily.  We are so thankful for good friends who will allow us to remove these boards and reuse them in our new home.

We are hoping this house will have enough wood in it so that we can harvest all the flooring there and have enough for our house. With day after day of rain here this is a good inside job we can do and still make progress on the new house.

4 thoughts on “The New Kind of Harvest”

  1. Oh l lOve old flooring. We reconstructed our old farm house out of reclaimed almost everything! Hunting (and stumbling upon) the stuff to use is the most fun!

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