The New Dog on the Block

Remember me saying it’s been a crazy week for me??  Well about a week ago Craig, Kalissa’s boyfriend, got a job!!  Hooray!!   Kalissa had been very worried about this as Craig is a year older than Kalissa and he is graduating from the local college in May with a John Deere Mechanics degree.  Kalissa still has another year at the college.  She was worried that Craig wouldn’t be able to get a job in the area and they’d have to deal with a long distance relationship.  Well so worries anymore.  He has a job and that promoted them to move into a house in Waucoma-same town our new house is in.  Their place is across the river and about 6 blocks away.

The land lord of the apartment building they were living in was really good.  He said if they moved and he could get a new renter in by May 1st they wouldn’t loose deposits and such.  That means the kids needed to move quickly so that was one or two days of drama.

Then immediately, the puppy hunt began.  Both of them have been wanting a puppy.  They found one…

Meet Betsy…Betsy the Beagle.


She’s so-so cute and I”m in love!!

She was here for a few hours when Buster was here and they got along quite well.  Buster was a little rough as he’s a bigger boy but all in all, they were good.


Kalissa is crazy about her.  She’s constantly sending me a picture of video or calling to ask a question.  Kalissa is determined that Betsy be a good dog so is already working on some training stuff.

Betsy is still little so she’s doing lots of sleeping..but not all at night.


It will be so nice when Betsy gets bigger and I get moved into town.  Ruby and I can have walking buddies.


That adds another beagle to the clan.  Kelli is insistent that we now have a beagle brigade!!

On the days when they have class for a long time, I’m taking on dog sitting duties until Betsy gets settled and can be on her own a little more….I really don’t mind….I’m not accomplishing a lot though.

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