The New Bed

I don’t know if calling this post the “new bed” is accurate.  It’s actually about an old bed and we’ve actually had it for a bit.

Remember this auction?  We went back on October 1st.  At the time I still had the scooter.  Anyway, we bought the antique bed.  It was complete and was $45.  We had been looking for a queen bed as our boys who are 6′ 4″ complain about full sized beds.  They say they don’t fit especially if there is a foot board.


Well Hubby was mid harvest and just happened to get the day off because of rain.  We knew the things we bought at the auction would have to wait to be put in place or fixed until after harvest.

Well over Christmas break the bed finally made it’s way upstairs.  Doing that is no small feat here.  Remember we can’t get anything up our staircase?  When we put on the addition we knew that and put the door to the outside in my sewing room.

Our desire is at some point to build an upper deck and stairs…for now we’re doing the best we can with what have so moving the bed upstairs went something like this….

Hubby and Craig were on the ground.


Karl was upstairs…Spencer (Kayla’s husband) was too.  Karl is a joke-ster so he had to pose.


Hubby planning a rope lift system he hoped would work.


Up, up it went.

The frame was the hardest.


All of the pieces went up this way.  It actually worked really well.

From the window to the ground it looked like this….


So what does it look like all set up?  Take a look.bed-7

I know someone is going to ask…the quilt is Bonnie Hunter’s Spooling Around in More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.

I really prefer the really tall head boards this one is nice.  It’s perfectly fine for the spare bedroom.  We’ve decided that this might be our for forever bed but it might not.  If a really tall one comes along we might change it out but we’re fine if this one stays too.


It does look nice with our dresser.


That’s one more thing we wanted to update in the house that’s done.  Now I want to get a couple new ceiling fans upstairs.  Thankfully that isn’t as involved as moving the beds around.

Happily the neighbor girls’ family needed a bed.  Someone was sleeping on an air mattress so Hubby and the neighbor girl took it their house.  I’m happy that it found a good home.

15 thoughts on “The New Bed”

  1. I love it! I love all things old and antique. The bed is beautiful!! The quilt looks wonderful on it. It’s so much fun going to auctions. I grew up going with my dad. Our house is full of auction/antique store finds. The great thing is, they don’t go “out of style”! Such a good feeling finding a good home for the bed that’s not needed.

  2. Such a lovely bed and it found a great place to be used again. I also think its wonderful that you were able to gift the other bed to someone in need of it. A win, win for all. We had a spiral staircase in a home I grew up in and my parents used the upstairs patio door to bring the furniture up and down as needed, your pictures bring back memories.

  3. Nice bed! And I’m jealous that you have your Spools quilt finished. Mine is still just individual spools, but I do think there are enough to make all the blocks now. SOMEDAY!

    I’ve been telling myself that I need to get two projects to the top stage before I can start something new. One is a top now and another got laid out & the rows sewed together today. Need to press seams & put together. Then the borders will be my stumbling blocks…just don’t like putting borders on. Maybe I should just sew Spool blocks instead?????

  4. What a beautiful bed! I love headboards like those! Back in the mid 80s we bought a huge solid oak headboard unit with a lighted bridge above the shelved headboard that spans between the drawered night stands with glass fronted cabinets on the upper half (that are 7′ tall) It makes the whole bed sit 2′ out from the wall. I am so looking forward to replacing it with a flat headboard!

    HH is 6’3″ and he sleeps diagonally across our queen bed so his feet don’t hang over the end of the bed. I’m 5’5′ and curl up in the top corner of my side of the bed or I have to drape my feet over his legs. We are thinking of ‘investing’ in a king size bed so we can both lay out straight. Yes, investing, everything king size needs a king sized wallet!

  5. Ditto to all the other comments- I can surely imagine the boys complaining-I’m 5’2″ and a full bed is almost too short for me! Great bargain you happened onto with the bed. I went shopping for a new bed just the beginning of the year,wanting to match the antique chest handed down thru the family. I’m very sure my new bed frame is not as well made as your “new” one either.

  6. I have that same bed except the headboard doesn’t have that extra scrolly frill on the top. My grandparents gave it to me about 60 years ago. My Dad said he remembered it had been painted white and his Dad removed all the white paint. My Dad was born and raised in Centerville, Ia.

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