The Most Amazing Bread

Last week I stumbled upon a website, Lazy J Bar C Farm, and found a recipe for Jalapeno Cheddar Artisan bread.  I immediately had to make it!


It is SO good.  I am making more today….it’s just that good.  I put in a whole can of green chilies instead of the jalapenos and I had red peppers for the top ( I am a make due kind of girl).  We ended up eating the bread with BLT’s…TOTALLY wonderful!!

Today’s lunch will be a repeat of the same meal.  It seems once I find something new that I love, we have it for several days in a row.

I am so excited because she has more bread recipes over on her blog.  I am thinking I’ll be in a bread baking mode.

Check out Sweet as Sugar Cookies for more amazing baked sweets.

Don’t forget to check out the upcoming Quilt Along that I am hosting…It will be lots of fun and you don’t need to have any fancy fabric to do it.  Check out the details here.

7 thoughts on “The Most Amazing Bread”

  1. Oh, yum! We love Jalapeno bread in this house and Bill’s been trying for years to find one as good as the stuff he used to get next to my parents’ place in Arizona. We’ll have to give this one a try!

  2. I was intrigued by the sour cream blueberry pie. I picked about 10 ice cream pails of wild ones in the bush in Northern Saskatchewan Canada. They are all frozen, I have a pie in the oven now. Hope it turns out as well as yours did. Have you used frozen berries in this recipe?
    i will be trying some of your other recipes also, they all look so good.

  3. Sounds and looks yummy! I am the same with a new recipe.We have ‘Guinea Pig’ nights at our house…..We try the new recipe and if we like it, I paste it in my recipe book, if we don’t like it, I burn it!

  4. Hi Jo!
    Glad you liked the bread recipe! :) The red peppers on the top look yummy! Baking is my passion and now my job selling bread at the Farmer’s Market. I hope you can visit my blog occasionally as I will be posting more bread recipes in the future!

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