The Mock Accident

On Sunday the local firemen and first responders teamed up and had a mock car accident.  They try to do this every year or so but lately that hasn’t happened.  Then our daughter became the training officer for the first responders and she pushed to have one.  Of course with any mock accident, they need victims….that’s where I came in.

Don’t worry it’s all fake.  I was perfectly fine.  I had a head wound and caused the accident.  I was having a diabetic reaction.


Another victim was Ben…with a compound fracture.

another victim was Sarah…she was dead on arrival.

There was one more victim but someone his picture didn’t get taken.

In advance the fire training officer flipped the car upside down in the ditch near the bridge.


They call into dispatch and announce the mock drill sending out pages for the first responders, fireman and ambulance.


They arrive and action starts.


The two groups coordinate efforts to care for the victims.  It’s a big opportunity to learn together.  The incident was video tapped and pictures were taken to go over post incident so that they can critique themselves and do better should an accident such as this ever to happen.


I was in this suburban.  While half lying across the seats I had to pass out.  Before I did I had to be belligerent,  complain about a heat ache, deny anything was wrong with me and insist on being sweaty.  It was all part of my job as the actress.  I also kept yelling for Ruby…as she was with me during the accident but now was gone.  (she actually wasn’t).

In the photo below they are taking me out on a long board.  For me it was a trust based thing.  It’s hard to trust people to carry you and drop you.

I had a great time doing this.  It was fun and I like helping out when I can especially to support Kalissa, Craig, Hubby and the rest of the fireman and first responders.  They truly are a super group that I am very thankful to have in our community.

4 thoughts on “The Mock Accident”

  1. Jo Anne Schnebly

    When my older son was in Boy Scouts, they posed for a mock drill. Made quite the impression on all the boys.

  2. My son is a Firefighter instructor in Illinois and they do mock drill training in homes and accidents all the time. It has saved lives of victims and also firefighters and first responders. Never enough training can happen. I applaud your training session.

  3. A big thumbs up to all the first responders and actors. You have a special community doing all they do to keep ya all safe! Glad Rudy wasn’t really missing. :)

  4. What a great job our firemen and first responders are doing. Knowing our small towns have knowledgeable men and women helping out. A big thank you to all of them every where. Thanks for sharing this wonderful training for us to see.

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