The Medicine Cabinet

Hubby and I have done what we can to try to cut costs at the house as much as possible yet still have the house we want in the end.  I’ve said before that I am not a fancy girl and don’t need granite counter tops, fancy vanities and the like…we really want the house to look older and vintage.  Lucky for us, we’ve know we were moving for well over a year so along the way we could pick up some things we anticipated needing.

One of those things was a medicine cabinet.  We found an old one that we liked…but didn’t know if we could restore it.  On Sunday I gave it a try.  It was really hard to take picture because of the mirror so bear with me.

The medicine cabinet has a light on each side….very vintage and fun, at least to me.

It was in need of some TLC.  See the places where someone (or maybe a couple someones) had painted and ended up painting the medicine cabinet too?  There was both white and tan paint in places it shouldn’t have been.


The sconces that hold the light bulbs were a little tarnished and they too had paint on them.


They had painted the inside and the metal had paint on it there too.


After about two hours all that was cleaned up and looking good except for the inside.  All it took was some elbow grease with a pots and pan scrubber.  I didn’t know it would turn out so nice.  (In person it looks really good, the photo doesn’t do it justice at all)  The paint and the tarnish cleaned right up!


Then it was on to the inside.  There was some rusting at the bottom.  I used the metal paint scrapper and got all the rust loose and cleaned.


Then I sprayed it with Kiltz.  It covers the rust and blemishes so they can’t bleed through the paint.


I am very happy with it.  It has neat little glass shelves that go in the inside.  I can’t wait to see it installed and able to be used.

It so nice that Hubby and I have the same taste and in this case…we have a vintage bathroom medicine cabinet for free.  I couldn’t be happier with our choice both as a money saver and for the looks.

8 thoughts on “The Medicine Cabinet”

  1. Way to go !! Bet it will look great !! Have you seen the “Edison ” bulbs they are selling ?? They might look good with your vintage cabinet !

  2. Way to go !! Bet it will look great !! Have you seen the “Edison ” bulbs they are selling ?? They might look good with your vintage cabinet !

  3. It’s got the slit for throwing used razor blades into the stud area behind the cabinet! Because of course men don’t toss their used blades in the bathroom trash can. I asked my Dad about that slit on the back of our cabinet once.

  4. The slit in the back of the cabinet makes sense, because back in the day weren’t they just bare blades? (instead of the funky plastic contraptions we’ve got now.) It’s like an early sharps container. Unless you’re opening up the wall — then I’d sure hate to deal with decades of razor blades!

    I love that medicine cabinet and second the vote for Edison bulbs. :-)

  5. I have two of those exact cabinets in my house….you did a great job of cleaning yours, it will look great in your bathroom.

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