The Medical Saga Continues

Back on December 17th I wrote that I was having trouble with my foot.  Read about it here if you missed it.  I had showed you this picture of me with my foot up.


I had hurt my foot way back on my birthday, December 14th.  I hobbled around on it until December 23rd.  That’s the I had my physical when the lump on my thyroid was discovered…at the time the doc had me get an x-ray for my foot and I was told it wasn’t broken.

Well my foot still hurt but now with the thyroid issues I decided that I’d just put all of the foot problems on hold.
Well with the nice weather here and the cancer scare I’ve decided it’s time to prioritize life picking and choosing things I really want and focusing my time there.

SO….I want to walk without pain.  I want to be able to walk my two or more miles a day with Ruby.  I love walking…I love walking Ruby.  She loves it and it’s great for clearing my brain.  That means, even though I am loaded with doctor appointments, I need to add more to get my foot fixed.

Friday afternoon Kelli and Kalissa watched the kiddos and I went to the doctor.  Apparently I injured my Planter’s Plate.

This is my understanding…When I hurt my foot I hyper extended my second toe upwards injuring the ligaments..or possibly tearing them.  Being I have a bunion on that same foot, the big toe isn’t taking the brunt of my weight like it should.  My second toe is now taking the brunt of my weight.  Being it’s injured…it can’t heal if it continues that.

So the foot plan is this…taped and wrapped for a week.  Checked and likely taped and wrapped again.  If that doesn’t do the trick….I need an MRI and possibly surgery.

Chinese people have years that are designated to animals.  Apparently this year is the year of the Monkey.  I think I am having a year…Mine will called the year of the Doctor.   Like always, I’m trying to have a good attitude.  At least by now I have met my deductible for our insurance.  People have asked and yes…thankfully, we have pretty good insurance.  That is a HUGE relief.

So that’s the foot saga.  I do have to say, that since taped, my foot has never felt better!!

8 thoughts on “The Medical Saga Continues”

  1. Glad the taping is helping on your foot and that is all you will need, hopefully! You have had your share and then some so far this year and it is only the middle of March! Prioritizing is always a good thing to do and sometime it takes something to push us in the direction we need to go. One exciting thing you have to look forward to this year is the birth of your first grandchild and that will make this a year never to be forgotten in a very good way!

  2. So glad you followed up on that. Long term pain can lead to so many difficult things. Maybe you’re just getting AAAAaaaalllll the doctoring in for a long while in a rather short span. Here’s healing wishes for all of you!

  3. Jo ~
    I agree that It is difficult to fit everything in especially medical issues & appointments & like you I often prioritize my medical issues. I’m glad that you are taking care of your foot now and hope that it heals quickly! My best wishes that you feel 100% soon. Keeping you & your family in my prayers!

  4. Hang in there. I had a year like that when I turned 40… that was 15 years ago but I still remember it well. Just one thing after the other that year. Prayers for a speedy recovery for you!

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