The Market at White Barns

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Since graduating from school and finishing orientation at the hospital, I’ve been picking up weekends.  Since I don’t have kids and Jason works all the time, it just seems logical because I end up getting a shift differential (most pick up shifts are overnights) as well as a pick up bonus, so I end up making quite a bit more if I pick up a weekend.  In doing so however, I also am realizing that I pretty much write off any chance of hanging with mom, which really stinks.

After making this realization, I decided that the one weekend I had off in June was going to be very epic!  I blocked off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and decided that I was going to go to mom’s and we were going to have tons of fun!

I headed up Friday and mom reminded me that The Market at White Barns was that day and the next.  I had heard about it previously, but hadn’t had a chance to go because–You guessed it–I was working!  We talked to Kalissa and decided that we were going to go Saturday.

When we got there, we actually had to wait in line to get in.  Admission was a couple bucks and we had packed Carver up to come with too, so even if it had been a dud, we were going to make it fun!

White Barns 9 (300x400)

When we walked in however, I knew we were in for a real treat!

White Barns 8 (400x300)

On this farm, they have several large barns and outbuildings that they have cleaned up and fixed and they invite antique, primitive, and all kinds of vendors to come and sell their goodies!  And we found tons of their goodies!

I was a little bit worried that we might end up with second choice items because we were going on the second day, but I surely wasn’t disappointed.

White Barns 7 (400x300)

It seems like everywhere we turned there was something neat and wonderful!

They had all sorts of goodies!  I had to pretty much hold myself back from most of the booths that I looked at.

White Barns 6 (400x300)

I loved these little cubbies!

White Barns 5 (300x400)

And this cupboard almost became my new entertainment center!  But I knew that I would either have to paint it or paint my living room…so I took a pass on that one.

White Barns 4 (300x400)

And believe it or not, this little guy was great!  He wanted to check everything out for about the first half hour and then he’d had enough.  I took a little snooze!

White Barns 3 (300x400)

And then Barnyard BBQ with The Sassy Sow!  Yum!!

It time like these that we wish Kayla lived just a bit closer.

Mom and I recreated Sassy sows that day and I’ve recreated them for me and Jason too!  Fries, pulled pork, coleslaw, and bacon bits!  If you’ve never tried them, you are really missing out!  (mom told you how we made them in this post)

White Barns 2 (300x400)

All in all it was a great day!  I found a few wooden boxes–and even 2 green ones–some handmade soap, and mom found a hand cultivator.  The best thing though was that little reminder that by picking up all those weekends, I miss things like this.  Sometimes all it takes is a super fun day to remind a person that money sure isn’t everything and that spending time with those you love is soooo important!

Our friend Carla attended the Market at White Barns too.  Catch her blog to read more.

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  1. I really need to move to Iowa. Not only do you guys have tons of fun, everything appears to be way cheaper than my area. A show like this where I live requires admission of $10 or more.

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