The Mail…

This was a great week for goodies in the mail….

There was no note in this box…I looked and looked.  I was convinced that there must be one stuck between the towels or something but none could be found.  I resorted to looking to see if there was an address label and happily, there was.  So thanks are sent out to Nina H in St. Louis for the box of goodies.

There are lots of cross stitch things in to the box.  I haven’t cross stitched in a long time.  I love it but quilting has taken over and seems to crowd out other crafty ventures.  I happily put those goodies into the box Teri.  Remember she’s the one who works with a couple awesome charities that take all sorts of craft related items that people want to donate.  I did a blog post about her here.

Can you see in the photo there are a couple cute pieces of doll furniture.  I’m taking that to check out to see if it will work in the doll house Hubby and I are working on.

I thought I was done seeing all the goodies in the box and was putting them all in the box when I saw this sandwiched in the bubble wrap…I love them!!

They are TINY-TINY-TINY.  The little doll is about 1 1/2″ tall.  The arms move and bend.  It’s so cute…and of course I love all things chickens and eggs.


Thanks so much for the package Nina.  The baby and eggs already have a home.

Also in the mail this week were two quilt tops for the charity quilt project.  These are from Patricia T in Spokane, WA.


Both are great tops in pretty colors that I know will be loved.  I’m hoping to work on them soon.

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