The Mail that Made me Cry

Over the last couple of months, I’ve created a snail mail friendship with a blog reader Annie.  I love getting letters from her.  She is a kind soul and a kindred spirit.

She is often writing about the antics of her goats.  I grew up with goats and just love them.  Outside of a dog, I am sure they are my favorite animal.  She is so sweet and often sends me pictures and stories about them.

Annie lives on an island in Washington state and I completely romanticize what life would be like there.

We regularly exchange notes…mine is usually a thank you card for something sweet Annie has done for me.  Her notes are letters that are wonderfully chatty sharing her life.  I feel like she would be the best neighbor!

Anyway…this time, Annie sent a box-only I didn’t know it came.  I have a little story that goes with it all.

At the time it came, I was sorting out childcare things and had a big pile of boxes and bags near the door that goes to the garage.  Remember I was giving a bunch of stuff to the gal that is opening a childcare?  There were boxes and boxes and I was adding to the pile as the day went on.  Gannon was here and he was playing as I was sorting.

Kalissa called and asked if Carver could get off the bus here.  I said sure.  Carver came in from the bus as I was digging the cabinet to get out the cereal as with tradition, the minute Carver gets in the door, he wants a bowl of cereal.  I didn’t see Carver come in the door.  I just yelled hello and went getting the cereal asking how his day was and reminding him to hang up his stuff.

Carver ate and I continued sorting.  Little did I know that Carver had carried a box into the house that the mailman had left in the garage.  The box got put in the pile and I didn’t notice it.

The pile stayed by the door and two days later over the weekend, I decided to sort through the art cabinet and give the gal some things.  I did that and then decided that I could put all of the stuff in the spare garage bay and not have it sitting in the house.  It was then that I realized there was a box in the mix that was actually my mail.  It was a box from Annie.

I opened it.  There was a quilt inside.  I didn’t really look at it.  Instead, I looked for a letter and of course, there one was.  I read it and started crying.

Oh, my word.  Annie made a quilt for me!  Here it is hanging off my quilt hanger at the front of my house.

Annie knew I hadn’t been feeling well during Bonnie Hunter’s mystery clues and often I do make Bonnie’s mystery quilt so Annie followed along, did the clues, and then gave the quilt to me.  SERIOUSLY, can you believe that?

Annie said she didn’t follow the final layout.  I had to laugh as I would have not followed it either.  I hate sewing on-point settings and I hate sewing sashing with on-point settings.  Annie’s quilt is perfect for me!!

Aren’t the colors amazing??

I love the colors…love the prints!

I was like a little kid playing eye spy with their quilt!  Look at the little cows and the moon.  It just made me smile!

Check out the pigeons…

…the pumpkins.

I can’t believe Annie did all this work for me.  Seriously.

Last week I was on Bonnie’s blog and gave Rhododendron Trail another look and almost bought the pattern but didn’t.  The appeal of making it kind of fizzled out being I wasn’t going to be doing it with everyone…and LOOK, Annie made me one.

Just look at all the work that went into it. I love the flying geese on the border.

..and I found doughnuts.  Just precious.

Annie wrote saying she prayed for me while she made this…ah.  How blessed I am.

Annie also told me that I could pass it on if I wanted.  NO!  I am not passing this on.  It’s becoming my new go-to couch quilt.

Annie sent a picture in her letter of one of her goats inspecting the quilt…
It’s just precious!!

My mom had Nubians, the goat breed you see here with the floppy ears.  Mom’s were mostly brown though.

I had to take a picture of the quilt with my inspector…Rosie.

Annie…I can’t thank you enough.  This is so precious and one of the best gifts I’ve ever recieved.  Rosie and I are going to snuggle under it and get LOTS of stitching done, and while we do, we’ll be thinking of our friend Annie, on the island with all of her goats…who has the biggest, kindest heart.  Thank you, Annie.  Rosie and I just love it!!

62 thoughts on “The Mail that Made me Cry”

  1. Jo- You deserve nice things, since you create and give nice things. You deserve love, since you give so much love to those around you. You deserve a wonderful friend, since you are a friend to the world. I admire Annie’s talent, and her kind generosity. I admire the beautiful quilt she created. I am so happy that she gave it to you! I know you will enjoy and cherish it. Brenda King

    1. Here, here to Brenda’s comment! Agree 100%. Blessings to you Jo, and to you, Annie, for your wonderful heart.

  2. What a wonderful gift , all the more special as it was made with Love and prayers. A gift for a lovely friend and lady who has so much spirit. Well done Annie for an amazing quilt.

  3. That’s a Beautiful gift! And I’m sure to be treasured always. I love goats too: ) When we move to our new home in April my daughter Candi has asked me to get her two. She wants them named “ Billie and Jean” lol

  4. What a beautiful quilt, and so full of surprises in the fabric too! She did a fantastic job, and you are right, you have a fantastic friend who cares for you very much. You are blessed!
    You and Annie are wonderful people!!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures. And the dog and the goat are so cute! You really made my day!

  5. I can totally understand why the quilt made you cry! What a wonderful thoughtful gift from a super friend. Annie sounds a fantastic person. Enjoy snuggling under your very special gift.

  6. Oh, my what a treasure! And the colors are beautiful. I suppose not much to do living on an island. It must be terribly cold there. Thank you annie for your generous thoughtful gift!

  7. Jo I love your quilt from Annie. What a special friend you have and memories you’ll have as you use it. It’s a great story that goes along with it and should be printed and put with a picture of the quilt. Stories of quilts are the best.
    My sister lives on Orcas Island in Washington. It’s a beautiful place. She was a postmaster for a while and now does housekeeping for several people on the island. She was never one to not be doing something.

    Be safe today as we get the changing weather in Iowa. I will be working on Bonnie Hunters Carolina Chain.

  8. What a wonderful person Annie is. This is a special gift. The quilt is amazing. And her goat is beautiful.

  9. Just a wonderful gift, made with love, prayer, and hope. It’s perfect, and I’m sure makes you smile every time you see it.

  10. What a special gift! It’s amazing the people God connects us with. Blessings to Annie, may she receive twice the blessings for her gift.

  11. I follow Bonnie’s blog as well. I hope you and Annie share this story with her. I think it will warm her heart.

  12. Glenda Fletcher

    Jo, What a special friend you have with Annie. The quilt is gorgeous. Annie did put a lot of time and prayer into making the quilt for you. Now you and Rosie can have the time enjoying it and thinking of
    Annie. Thank you for sharing the story and quilt with us. Like the transformation of the grandkids’ table that you found at the thrift store. With a little work, it looks fantastic. That is very nice that you are passing on some of your childcare items to the new childcare provider. I tried the OUI by Yoplait that you told us about. I can have the vanilla and really like it. Thank you

  13. Connie R in Wis

    Only another quilter can truly appreciate the work and love that goes into making a quilt. And, to gift it is so generous of Annie. It’s beautiful and a perfect gift for you who is equally generous.

  14. Beautiful quilt and so very kind and thoughtful of Annie. She did a beautiful job and has much of red in it – pretty!

  15. The quilt is so beautiful. A prayer quilt! I love the colors and the setting. You deserve to receive something beautiful, just like you.

  16. What a labor of love ❤. It is glorious and I love the colors. Going to sleep last night I thought of all my quilts, fabrics, patterns, machines and longarm. Since I have three sons, I know my family won’t keep any of them after I’m gone. They do love my quilts though. I then thought of the Cresco ladies. They are so prolific with quilt making. I thought, why not pack all of it off to them. I’m 68 so may have many more years. But wouldn’t it give them joy. Lol

  17. Oh my word!! What a thoughtful and sweet gift! That Annie is indeed a very special person – as are you, Jo. Enjoy the quilt and the sweetness behind the gift. And thanks for sharing – we all need these reminders of the good in our fellow humans!

  18. I follow Bonnie Hunter’s blog and have seen many examples of her Rhododendron Trail quilt, but Annie’s is definitely the prettiest one I have seen. I love the colors and variety of fabrics she used. What a lovely friend Annie is!

  19. What a beautiful, thoughtful gift! Your quilt is lovely. Annie is a very sweet friend. You are Blessed!

  20. Annie is blessed with talent and it’s beautiful that she’s kind and shares it. Spectacular color choices. It makes me happy to look at that quilt, and always, a photo of Rosie. You deserve this kind gesture.

  21. That was so sweet of Annie to do for you! And the colors are perfect for you! I am so happy for you after all the quilts you have donated to others, you deserve to be blessed! ♥️

  22. What a beautiful quilt and such a kind, thoughtful gift. I have lived in Washington state all my life and know all the islands in Puget Sound very well. Which one does she live on?

  23. Awe, your story brought tears to my eyes. Annie you are the best friend anyone could ever have. God bless you both! Storing treasures in heaven I say!

  24. Jo,I truly believe you bring out the “best” in people! You deserve the best ! Hugs to you,cause we all care!!

  25. Sue in Westminster, MD

    It might have made you cry, Jo, and understandably so, but you have made everyone who reads your blog come away with a big smile and a warm heart today! Thank you so much for all you share with us! You have such a generous heart and a great attitude!

  26. When you are a quilter and stitcher, people rarely make anything for you. I don’t know why that is. This is sure a special gift. The colors are gorgeous! How blessed you are to have this long-distance friend.

  27. Love the quilt and the story behind it. I have the blocks made but have not put them together yet. I too live in Washington state on Whidbey Island. Curious to know which island Annie lives on. I enjoy your blog and reading about all your activities with family, community, etc.

  28. For all the quilts we make for others. I never made one for myself until 10 years ago. My Grandma made me two charm square quilts as a kid. But it want until a few years ago a guild mate made me a throw quilt. One that was so me. It’s humbling and special when someone makes you a quilt.

  29. Your story and how you told it explains why Annie was moved to make you a true treasure in that beautiful quilt. You have the gift of telling about it in a way that touches hearts and makes us remember other such generous moments we’ve witnessed in life. It help us retain our belief in the generosity and kindness of MANY people in life instead of the awful things we witness these days. So many people who stitch are like this and it is a pleasure to be associated with them in such settings as your blog provides. Thank you to Annie for her beautiful and generous gift to you, and for you in making her gift even more special in the response you gave. It is true that stitchers rarely get gifts back in kind because there is a bit of intimidation in giving a stitched gift to a master stitcher. Made my day today in reading about it. Thanks to you both for the gift you passed on to the readers.

  30. What a lovely thing Annie did for you – making you a quilt. It normally would never occur to someone to give a quilter a quilt, but that’s SO special. I remembered receiving the loveliest crotcheted throw from my boss (and friend) at work, which her mom had made for me as a thank you for the memory quilts that I’d made using my friends grandfathers shirts when he passed. I was just speechless when I opened it, with tears in my eyes, and exclaimed ‘I NEVER receive hand made gifts from others. How beautiful this is!!’ You will remember every single time you pull that gorgeous quilt over you and Rosie, to snuggle in at night, that someone loves you so much that she put so much of herself into that quilt for you, praying for you, and wishing good things for you. What an incredibly special gift.

  31. Judith Fairchild

    Jo, you got a wonderful surprise. I vote with everyone else your friend did a beautiful deed. I cried with happiness. Was playing I spy with the pictures as they came up you can look and look there’s something more to see in every block. Your grands are going to love to play I spy too. Thanks Annie.

  32. Y our Annie is *my* Annie the Goat Lady! Yep, she’s a sweetie, for sure, and yep, her piece work is amazing!! You deserve a good friend like that!!

  33. I have often felt that since I am the quilt maker in my circle, that NO one would ever give me a hand made quilt. My hopes have risen now that I know there are quilters out there who will share their glory with another maker. God Bless You, Annie. Jo, enjoy this as I know you will

  34. Angela J Short

    Very beautiful quilt! :-) A big thank you to Annie for all the work that went into the quilt! You are amazing Annie!! God will bless you for your kindness!

  35. Jo, You are so lucky to have such an awesome friend and soul mate to communicate with.

    The quilt is so perfect and I like her version of putting it together!!!

    Lucky you

  36. Paula Y James

    Someone commented that you are a “Friend to the world”. What a true statement. Jo, you have no idea how many people you touch. What a thoughtful gift Annie sent to you. You, and she, are special. I too pray over the quilts I make. It makes them very special to me and to the one receiving them. We all pray for you Jo. You don’t complain, but go through your health struggles like a warrior. Love to you and to Annie too.

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