The Mail Service

Some companies I love…some not so much.

I sent out my Christmas cards earlier….two were returned.

Under the sticky note was the last previous address I had but the people had moved.

The letters were returned to me but here’s the part that makes me feel frustrated.  The post office printed the current address right on the letter via the yellow sticker.

Why couldn’t it just have been forwarded?  UGH.

5 thoughts on “The Mail Service”

  1. They will only forward for a certain length of time. Well, that is the way it is supposed to work. Sometimes the mail keeps on coming and it usually is the mail you dont want.

  2. Please correct the address you have and send them a new one. Wasn’t it nice of the post office to let you know where they moved so they will get next years card. New carriers won’t know where it goes. Please

  3. Simple matter – post office gets to charge again!! That’s the ONLY reason it’s never forwarded. They can’t charge for forward, only if it’s returned to you and re-sent.

  4. And, then you just have cards that get lost-in Albuquerque that happens way too much. I sent items to my daughter across town the week after Thanksgiving and they never made it. Per my daughter, there is a problem in her area as a lot of her mail is not delivered. Really post office? Makes me wonder about WHO they hire.

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