The Living Room

I started on the living room two Sundays ago.  My intention was to get it finished during the week but it was a busy week and nothing got done.

My goal for the weekend was to paint and if I got time to try to work on the woodwork.

The Sunday before:

First up…fill the holes.  I use a great product called Drydex.  I put it on pink and it dries to white.

Another product I HIGHLY recommend is a trim brush.  I don’t paint a wall without one.  I don’t use painter’s tape at all….just this trim brush.  Seriously, don’t load the paint heavy on the brush and you’ll be just great without painter’s tape.

I use it for edging the trim and in corners.  No other specialty brush is needed if you have one.  It’s only just over $6 for a brush too!!  I love all the time it saves when I don’t have to use the painter’s tape.

This Saturday:
Craig was at my house at 7:30am…and he had me working at it in no time.  If someone is going to help me paint, I’ll do most anything to keep them happy.

It took THREE coats of paint.  I don’t know what the problem was.  I bought the good Sherwin Williams paint too so I don’t know why it was like that.  Craig was on the roller…I was on the trim brush.  We both took breaks to handle the kids.

After the paint was finished we started in on the woodwork.  When the guy did the drywall on our walls, he didn’t restick the tape so we ended up with lots of spots on the wood that looked like this….

I never worried about them as Kramer was always going to redo the woodwork.  Well Kramer is not here and I can’t redo the wood like he was going to.  I have to settle with what I can do….

So, I found this.  Goo Gone:  Latex and Paint Clean Up

I highly recommend it as well.  See???

Craig and I worked and worked at it.  Seriously from about 8am to 5pm.  We stopped for lunch (restaurant take out) and for the kids…but the kids were very self sufficient.

Craig left at 5ish to go to Kalissa’s class reunion.  My living room still wasn’t together.  By 8pm poor Carver was tired and hadn’t had a nap.  I resorted to this…chair in the dining room and TV in the living room entrance.  Desperate grandma’s with grandkids who haven’t had a nap, and doesn’t have a couch, have to do desperate things.

I can’t thank Craig enough.  He’s been so awesome to me.  At Kalissa’s class reunion that was held during a local town celebration, someone said to Craig, “you’re the one that has been helping Jo do all the landscaping”…and then she started asking about her landscaping.  Bahahahhaha….

Poor Craig…he already has mine, his own and Kalissa’s to-do list.

He really is the best guy….I can’t wait to show off the living room once the furniture is here.  It’s looking awesome!

22 thoughts on “The Living Room”

  1. Sounds like things are coming together. It will be so nice when it’s all done. You are my inspiration. Take all the help you can get.

    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  2. I’ve been in the process of room re-do and will need to paint. Thanks so much for your suggestions on what to use to fill holes, take paint off woodwork and the trim brush. Those will come in handy. Thanks for all that you share.

  3. Moving out of the apartment has been much like what you’re doing except we don’t have to paint. Fill holes and then clean walls and paint the bad spots, knowing they’ll probably come in and paint the whole thing anyway.
    Craig is quite the son in law – so happy here’s there to help you!

  4. I was very disappointed with my expensive paint too. I was painting a small bath with white and it took 3 coats too. I think it was $35 a gallon, primer and paint together. It’s wonderful you had good ‘free’ help.

  5. Love ,love my trim brush did my bathroom last summer and found it the best thing I’ve found for painting I’m really not a fan of tape!

  6. I am looking for that trim brush immediately! Before I forget. I dont have anything to paint but I hate putting up the painter’s tape! Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. Mary Ann Mettler

    Looks wonderful and as anybody knows it always looks worse before it gets better.
    :) Your woodwork looks wonderful including the floor! 3 coats of paint is crazy :/

  8. We did the same thing, Jo. I bought the best Sherwin Williams paint because I hate painting and wanted it done right. It took 3 coats and we now see some places where it needs more and it’s cream over cream!!
    Glad your getting it done with Craig’s super help!

  9. elizabeth a hinze

    Love your house, I was afraid you were going to paint the woodwork!
    Where in the country are you? I live in a 70’s house in Oregon.
    I’m thankful for a roof over my head : ) (enough said)

  10. Thanks for the tip on the brush. I’ve never seen one, that would save so much work! I too, don’t know what’s wrong with today’s paint. I painted some last year with the expensive primer + paint and like you, it took three coats. If I have to do three rounds next time I’m just going with the cheap stuff. Craig is a gem!!

  11. Jo I have used Behr Primer/Paint and it worked great. I think everyone needs a Craig!!! Good job on staying busy and getting things done!

  12. Best paint to buy with great covering in fewer coats — BEHR. This paint is sold at Home Depot stores. At least it is from the Pennsylvania stores. If your location doesn’t sell it, I’d bet they can have it shipped to your location.

  13. Jo,
    Do you think that Goo stuff would get old paint off of carpet? I put down drip cloths, but they never seem to catch all the drips! Continuing with the prayers and hugs for you and your family.

  14. You do have the BEST son-in-law in Craig. That Goo Gone paint oopsie clean-up stuff looks great, not to mention the trim brush. Will have to remember.

  15. There is NOTHING like a fresh coat of paint. I have had good luck with Behr also. Also, DH suggested we paint the ceilings white. Loving it. Elegant and classy. He has the best ideas. As I walk down the hall I am thankful every single day. If anyone is procrastinating, stop now and go for it.

  16. Add me to the ones that had problems with sherwin williams paint and not covering even with extra added.

  17. Aside from all the help Craig is giving you, isn’t it great to know that your daughter and grandchildren have such a wonderful husband and father?

  18. Its a lot of work to paint but having all the right tools makes it go easier and then having some great help is an extra blessing. It will be great with the new furniture and I cant wait to see it all done.

  19. Jo — you are doing so great. I know you really miss Roger, and there are hard moments. But you are carrying on as you need to and as Roger would have wanted you to. Craig certainly is a great son-in-law, but you already know that.

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